O silenciamento de elementos do passado na estrutura da consciência histórica - o caso da Vila 31 de Março em Inhumas-GO e seus eventos “ritualísticos”

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The present research focused on the approaches to the historical consciousness as an object of research in the history of Didactic. Basing in the ampliation and definition about the fields and approaches of this scientific discipline, was discussed the effectuation of historical narratives in the public uses of her. The research's goal was to meditate on the possibilities and obstacles of historical investigation, knowing the adverse effects of memory and its convenience to atribution of sense of temporal changes. For this, the 1964 civil-military coup and it’s practices was the bases to raised and discussed issues here. As a research clipping, an investigation was carried out on the military dictatorship that still contrasts with democratic environments, specifically in a neighborhood called Vila 31 de março located in the city of Inhumas-GO. The metodology used was of qualitative nature, becouse of the subjetive feature of this work. As an instrument of data collection, it was used the analisys iconographic and documentary register; including interviews. The present research has subdivide, so, in three chapters. In the first, has been present discussion about Historical Didactic as scientific discipline in Brazil; and, after that, aspects of research object trajectory through iconographic registers. The second chapter presents a historical investigation that shows discursive typologies of political-ideological content, in a specific context and oriented to a specific public; and clarifies the relationship between political ascent and the intention to legitimize domination, through the discursive supported by the "myth of progress." In the third and final chapter, we sought to understand the historical consciousness prevalent among the villagers on March 31 on historicity through many interviews and questionnaires. The research is completed with the highlight in some manifestations of the sedimented memory, the resignification and romantization of the past, the silencing that camouflages the past actions of the dominant groups in the region and for that, this national historical period should be debated in a rational and abrupt way.



OLIVEIRA, Daniel Lucas de Jesus. O silenciamento de elementos do passado na estrutura da consciência histórica - o caso da Vila 31 de Março em Inhumas-GO e seus eventos “ritualísticos”. 2017. 107 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2017.