Saberes do trabalho e dos trabalhadores da educação de adolescentes, jovens e adultos: a prática pedagógica de professores

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This study falls into the research areas of Work, Education and Social Movements with the purpose of providing a better understanding of how Teachers of Teenagers Youths and Adults (EAJA) from Goiânia's Municipal School System, learn and dialogue with the knowledge from work experiences of students who are Work-Studies. This is a case study. The field research was conducted with teachers, in a school in physical space of an institution of Goiania Prefecture.The research procedures were built through the analysis of the Political- Pedagogic Proposal of (EAJA), regarding the approach assigned to the work and to the knowledge of the work and workers of this modality, and also through the observations, interviews and instruction of the double.The theoretical framework used is based on the field of Work and Education, Education of Teenagers, Youths and Adults, and Ergology.The work's approach of the Work-Studies and teachers was developed from the concept of activity, in an ergological perspective; it sought to recognize that there is a distance between prescribed work and real work ,and that this distance is managed by the worker in their work activity.The work activity while area of dialectic, implies therefore, debate of rules, resingling, building of knowledge and experiences. Based on the theoretical field aforementioned, the concept of experience and the possibilities of achieving a critical work is discussed, taking as its starting point the knowledge from experience. During the development of this research, it was perceived that the work activity of the teachers holds a wealth of elements that are invisible in the prescriptions and proposals and requires them arbitration, management and decision making.It was found that although the proposal EAJA in Goiânia presents advances regarding working conditions and the theoretical and methodological framework, in the concrete situations, the abstract work affirmed its position. This research shows the need to establish places of formative dialogue inside the school, where the knowledge produced by teachers are recognized and problematized.Results indicate that the dialogue with new theoretical contributions, that study the work, such Ergology and the French ergonomics can contribute to increase the discussions about the work and about the knowledge of teachers and Work-Studies from EAJA.



AALVES, M. J. D. Saberes do trabalho e dos trabalhadores da educação de adolescentes, jovens e adultos: a prática pedagógica de professores. 2015. 147 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2015.