O rastro no poema: a poesia de Darcy França Denófrio e Pio Vargas

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The trail in the poem: the poetry of Darcy França Denófrio and Pio Vargas. In this work, we developed a discussion of poetic production in Goiás, through the study of two poets, Darcy França Denófrio and Pio Vargas - contemporaries in authorship, but representatives of different spaces and poetics in the logic of disputes that shapes the literary field. This study is an excerpt in which we seek to discuss the agency of the two writers and the lyrical subjectivity in each other's poetry as a poetic signature. Along the way, as a requirement for advancing the proposed discussion, we retrieved and organized information about the literary scene in Goiás, previous and concurrent to the period of his productions, placing our authors. The central questions of the work are the verification of the performance of both as agents, from the perspective of the literary field, each one having its specific capital; and the “feminine” lyrical subjectivity in Darcy Denófrio and the “urban anonymous” in Pio Vargas, in the relation of affirmation of the authors as poets. The research corpus comprises: Janelas do Espontâneo (1983), Anatomia do Gesto (1989), and Os Novelos do Acaso (e o ofício de afagar efêmeros) (1991) by Pio Vargas, and Voo Cego (1980), Amaro mar (1988), and Ínvio Lado (2000) by Darcy França Denófrio. As for the methodology, we carried out a non-exhaustive survey using different sources, bibliographic, electronic, and documentary; we expose the results by going back to the authors' literary environment based on the obtained fragments; we make considerations and analyzes about the agency of the poets and, finally, we read, analyze, and criticize a selection of poems within the literary corpus. The central theoretical foundation is supported by Pierre Bourdieu (1996, 1989). We also resort to Gilberto Mendonça Teles (1983) and other authors who deal with literature / poetry from Goiás. For the reading of the poems, theoretically and critically, we rely on HEGEL (2004), Michel Collot (2013, 2015), Dominique Combe (2009-2010), Octavio Paz (1984, 1993, 2012), Michael Hamburger (2007), Pierre Bourdieu (2002), Tereza Cabañas (2009), Wilberth Salgueiro (2013), Benedito Nunes (2009) and Afonso Romano de Sant'Anna (2014), among others. Subsidizing our comparative studies, we are guided by the texts organized by Eduardo F. Coutinho and Tânia Franco Carvalhal (1994). Our research is part of the project Presentation of the poetry of Goiás: from 1948 to the present days, by Rede Goiana de Leitura e Ensino de poesia, and we hope to be able to contribute to the discussion on poetry in our state, the critical fortune of the poets and the studies on lyrical subjectivity.



RABELO, M. C. B. O rastro no poema: a poesia de Darcy França Denófrio e Pio Vargas. 2021. 186 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Letras e Linguística) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2021.