O ensino da língua inglesa na educação básica: refrações de professoras de uma escola pública de Taquaral de Goiás

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This study observed the speeches of English teachers at the public school in Taquaral de Goiás, with the aim of understanding the teachers’ refractions that influence English language teaching and learning in this context. The research questions seek to identify what are the refractions of the participating teachers revealed in their discursive practices about their learning of English as students of basic education and higher education and their teaching practice in this language. Besides to understand which elements of these discursive practices are related to the teaching-learning of foreign language-English in this context?. From a theoretical point of view, this study is based on the concept of language and the concepts of ideological sign, concrete utterance, dialogism, dialogic subject and refractions according to bakhtinian theory (BAKHTIN, 2011 and 2014; BRAIT, 2005; FARACO, 2009 and 2013; SOBRAL, 2009, GERALDI, 2010, STELLA, 2017 and etc.). In addition, this study provides a historical overview of the teaching of LE-English (CAMARGO, 2017), the academic training of the English teacher (OLIVEIRA, 2011), the public school and the relationship with the English language (SCHMITZ, 2011) and the official documents that regulate and guide the teaching of LE-English (ZACCHI, 2003; OLIVEIRA and LAGO, 2020). As for the methodology, the qualitative approach of an interpretive nature was chosen along with the case study method. The instruments for data generation were the questionnaire and the autobiography. The participants of research were seven English language teachers who at some point worked or work at the Colégio Estadual Princeza Izabel in Taquaral de Goiás since the 1990s. The data collected revealed that the participants had classes in basic education with a strong focus on grammar and translation activities, the English course, according to the participants' point of view, did not prepare them for the job market, they had to participate in private English language classes in private language courses. However, even reporting all the difficulties, they always propose to diversify their classes, focusing on the motivation of their students and change the way how the subject is viewed by society.



SOUZA, C. A. O ensino da língua inglesa na educação básica: refrações de professoras de uma escola pública de Taquaral de Goiás. 2021. 150 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Letras e Linguística) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2021.