Das paisagens interioranas às urbanizadas: uma visão artística de G. Fogaça (1985-2018)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The work "From the interior landscapes to the urbanized: An artistic vision of G. Fogaça (1985-2018)" aims to interpret the work set of G. Fogaça from the understanding of his life trajectory linked to the historical dynamics in which Goiás passed through. We find in G. Fogaça’s art the testimony of an artist who started from the traditionalism of the historical landscape to denounce, starting from the year 2000, of the stressful life in the big cities with the advent of globalization, concomitantly to the moment that Goiânia became a metropolis in this world context. We will try to understand how the interior origin of G. Fogaça reflected in his production, and what were the signs used to portray the artist's new "modern" reality, once Goiânia was the first great city that the painter met, already in his transition to the adult life. To do so, we will analyze the biography of G. Fogaça, the interview with his peers in Goiânia’s art market, the interpretation of curatorial texts about him, and the study of the history of traditional and modern landscape art, whose G. Fogaça is a legatee. We conclude with the understanding that G. Fogaça's trajectory was a search for the best expression of the landscape, in an ambivalence between his critique and exaltation. With mastery over the technique of painting, the artist reflects the anxieties of society while attending to a symbolic demand by representing Goiás as a sign of modernity, always maintaining an artistic coherence in the development of the work throughout his trajectory.



CASANOVA, B. C. B. Das paisagens interioranas às urbanizadas: uma visão artística de G. Fogaça (1985-2018). 2019. 270 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2019.