(Re)pensando o proeja no IFMT – Campus Várzea Grande a partir do olhar do(s) professor(es)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Inserted in the research line of Education, Work and Social Movements, this study had as objective to understand the experience of the Technical Course in Condominium Services - Proeja of the IFMT Campus Várzea Grande, based on the teachers' listening, revealing elements that contributed to the students permanence / not permanence of the Course. Although there are several constraints - political, socioeconomic, cultural and educational dimensions, which converge and influence the subject to give up studies - that interact to raise the rates of "avoidance", due to the cut made, it was questioned: Which and how did the elements lived in the experience of the Technical Course in Condominium Services - Proeja of the IFMT Campus Várzea Grande contribute to the students permanence / non permanence of the Course? In the search for answers, a theoretical discussion was held on the references to Youth and Adult Education (EJA), with a focus on initiatives that sought integration between EJA and Professional Education (EP), with a view to raising the schooling level of the worker to better understand the creation of Proeja as public educational policy. Thus, a closer dialogue with the object of study was conceived, which contextualized the movements and clashes produced with the implementation of Proeja in the country as of Decree Nr. 5.478/2005, and, especially, in the IFMT - Várzea Grande Campus. The temporary or permanent removal of the students in the Proeja courses offered at the IFMT campuses has increased and, due to this reason, many courses ended up being extinct and, consequently, many campuses no longer offer the modality, as is the specific case of the investigated course. In addition, we analyzed the pedagogical practice, the training of teachers and the official documents/legislation that deal with the constitution and operation of Proeja in the national level and in Mato Grosso. Chosen as a case study methodology, the data collection procedures were performed with the use of bibliographic review, questionnaire, interviews, documentary analysis and observation in the classroom. In the study, the results pointed to gaps in relation to: the importance of IFMT management in assuming the Program in the institution, in order to propose guidelines that favor the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the courses offered in campuses; to Proeja's offer in the Várzea Grande Campus, since the choice of the course, the elaboration of the Pedagogical Course Project, the pedagogical practices of the teachers, the lack of initial and continued training of the professionals, also contributed to the final enrollment situation in the Course in 2017/2, with 28 away students and 9 graduating students. This is because it is a program aimed at the education of the worker to the work world, which should consider: being a student worker, who has responsibilities with his self-support and family responsibilities; in the teaching learning process the specificities of these subjects of the modality - from the visual question; consider the different rhythms and levels of learning; the need for the resumption of knowledge; the low self-esteem of students, among other aspects; openness to dialogue and listening to students; the articulation of the technical-scientific knowledge with the daily ones, giving meaning and significance to the worked knowledge. However, much needs to be done, since there is no an educational project interwoven with the subjects needs and realities of the EJA in the IFMT Campus Várzea Grande.



ALMEIDA, S. M. (Re)pensando o proeja no IFMT – Campus Várzea Grande a partir do olhar do(s) professor(es). 2018. 189 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2018.