Narrativas inspiradoras e utopias nebulosas: um estudo da relação com o saber de sujeitos da EJA-EPT do Instituto Federal de Goiás.

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


There is no knowledge without relationship with knowledge. The theorization surrounding Bernard Charlot’s notion of relationship with knowledge includes, among its structuring concepts, the reciprocal constitution between the meaning and the effectiveness of the study activity. Given this, our research problem may be stated as follows: how can the understanding of the relationship between the meaning and the effectiveness of the study activity contribute to the reconstruction of specific pedagogical practices? The main objective of this research is: i) the general formulation: to understand the processes of constitution of the study activity; ii) the specific formulation: to understand the processes of constitution of the study activity involving science and mathematics knowledge of high school students who are integrated to vocational education in the Youth and Adult Education modality (in Portuguese, Educação de Jovens e Adultos – Proeja / EJA-EPT) of the Federal Institute of Goias (IFG). The specific objectives are: a) to understand the processes of production of meanings and their identity effects; b) to understand the processes of production of effectiveness and their epistemological normativity; c) to produce or improve didactic-pedagogical instruments for reconstructing specific pedagogical practices related to the teaching of scientific knowledge in focus. Such investigations are fundamental to address the intertwining issues produced between students and knowledge, and without which there is no possibility of understanding the situations of success or failure at school, in all their complexity and multiplicity. The theoretical-methodological framework is based on the articulation of different traditions of thought, specifically: Richard Rorty's pragmatism; Bernard Charlot's theory of the relationship with knowledge; and the life narratives, especially mostly by Daniel Bertaux’s and José Ignacio Rivas’s works. Due to this articulation, a narrative investigation of the relationship with knowledge under the light of philosophical pragmatism has been developed. Seven students who were enrolled in the eighth period of an Integrated Technical Nursing program and who had attended Chemistry I and Chemistry II courses, respectively, in their first and second period of this program have collaborated with the data production. In order to produce data, we have employed two procedures: i) narrative interviewing, recorded in audio, focusing on the dimension of activity meaning; and ii) a system of problems, recorded in audio and video, focusing on the 17 effectiveness dimension, that is, the epistemological normativity of the knowledge learning that comprises the investigation. The analysis was carried out by means of comparison and contrast of narratives and other discursive interactions, based on a pragmatic philosophy of the processes of meaning and on theoretical texts regarding the general or specific issues. Through this analysis, we intend to understand processes by means of the articulation of aspects arising from the subjects and their propositional attitudes in close relationship with the social practice contexts that produce and are produced by these same subjects. We have concluded that (a), in the sense sphere, the students' main reason for studying is to be a good nursing technician, which results in an appreciation of the curricular components and contents related to their future professional activity and a depreciation of the contents related to their high school education; throughout the program they undergo a process of establishing new reasons for the study activity, in particular the project to pursue studies in specializations in the nursing field and the dream of obtaining a degree in nursing, and (b) in the effectiveness sphere, students have demonstrated a solid mastery of the cross-multiplication and that certain difficulties have persisted when modeling/translating the information in the statement of the problems on the elations that constitute the framework of a conventional cross-multiplication. Moreover, the notions of quantities and measures have presented a challenge for the teacher and the students as regards the establishment of their structures of generality. It is important to use schemas and maps to support the understanding of generality relationships in order to offer the student an overview of the network of concepts. The use of the general idea of proportional reasoning holds the potential to restructure all the concepts that occur in the courses, with gains in meaning and systematicity. We have highlighted some samples of how these conclusions have let to a reconstruction of our own pedagogical practice.



RIBEIRO JÚNIOR, Ramon Marcelino. Narrativas inspiradoras e utopias nebulosas: um estudo da relação com o saber de sujeitos da EJA-EPT do Instituto Federal de Goiás.2022. 388 f. Tese (Doutorado em em Educação em Ciências e Matemática) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2022.