Universidade estadual de goiás: histórico, realidade e desafios

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research integrates the State Line of Research, Policy and History of Education Program of Postgraduate Education, Federal University of Goias, and aims to make a study of the conditions and academic materials in the Goias State University (UEG) seeks to build and realize its teaching, research and extension, using, where possible, references to other state universities in Brazil. For the analysis, discussion and definition of the indicators used in this study was the statistical database of the National Institute for Educational Studies Anisio Teixeira (INEP) listed in the Census of Higher Education and the National Assessment of Higher Education (SINAES); database of the Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) and the legislation that defines and standardizes the criteria for a Higher Education Institution (IES) be university. The research starts from the understanding that the UEG has to be analyzed and understood within its administrative category: A state public university. Therefore, we performed a study of the participation of state HEIs in the context of public higher education in the country and Brazilian regions identified that these institutions are present in all regions of the country played an important participation in the provision of enrollments in higher education where public are inserted. The UEG, established in 1999, is an institution maintained by the state public power dilemmas and experiences for the exercise of their academic purposes from various sources ranging from infrastructure problems, reduced public funding to low quantity of servers (teachers and administrative technician) effective. The questions that guided the study were: What are the limits and possibilities for the consolidation of the UEG as public university? What are the challenges experienced by UEG for its consolidation? As is the UEG in the context of public higher education and state universities? What is the current scenario of higher education and Goias which the participation of the UEG in this scenario? What is the situation of the UEG, compared with other state universities in Brazil? After all, the UEG is still under construction as a university? The analysis of empirical data enabled trace some features of institutional and academic profile of the UEG and also found that the institution has several challenges to establish and consolidate itself as a university as prescribed by laws and norms specific.



CARVALHO, Renata Ramos da Silva. Universidade estadual de goiás: histórico, realidade e desafios. 2013. 233 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2013.