A extensão em universidades comunitárias Católicas: tensões entre ciência, fé, estado e mercado

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This study is linked to the research line State, Policies and History of Education and has as its object the extension in Catholic Community Universities. Its general objective was to analyze the multiple determinations that have influenced the conceptions of extension in Catholic Universities that, since the approval of Federal Law 12.881, on November 12th in 2013, are now part of a specific group in the scope of higher education: Community Institutions of Higher Education - ICES. The following questions guided the investigation: what determines the conceptions of extension of the Catholic Community Universities? In what way has university extension contributed, over time, for the ICES to maintain their differentiated identity before the State? The studies revealed that: i) there is not only a conception of extension in force in Brazilian universities. Such conceptions are forged in the conceptions of a disputed university in society and are, in one way or another, also referred to the forms of understanding that one has of the relation of exteriority between university and society; ii) the ICES have a complex identity, marked by ambiguities insofar as they converge, in addition to the elements that make up their logos and ethos as a social institution and the particularities of the university in Brazil, the fact that they are nonprofit, mostly philanthropic, therefore in interface with the National Policy of Social Assistance. In addition, their recognition by the State as community IES because of their differentiated work, including through extension, have consolidated them as non-state public institutions - a field that is interposed between public IES and private IES in the strict sense; iii) in the case of Catholic ICES, the orientations emanating from the Catholic Church are added to this identity. From the studies carried out, it is understood that the conceptions of the extension of these Universities determine the tensions between elements of Science, Faith, State and, gradually, the Market, and these elements also conform the identity of these institutions. This calls into question the paradoxes, dilemmas and contradictions that historically demarcate it, and also make it a field of dispute for university conceptions and, at the most, society. As a methodological course, documentary analysis was used in a broad sense, mainly through bibliographical research, analysis of dissertations and theses, and the elaboration of an inventory based on information from the worldwide computer network to characterize ICES and, especially, Of Community Catholic Universities in Brazil and in the World. With the purpose of apprehending conceptions of extension in a Catholic community university, aspects of the extension of the Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás were taken by reference for analysis.



JESUS, Janaína C. A extensão em universidades comunitárias Católicas: tensões entre ciência, fé, estado e mercado. 2016. 272 f. Tese (Doutorado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2016.