Alcaloides de Psychotria capitata Ruiz & Pav. (Rubiaceae): determinação estrutural e atividade biológica

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Regarding that Psychotria species are described as sources of alkaloids, mainly β-carboline type with potential biological activity, this work focused on the phytochemical study of Psychotria capitata Ruiz & Pav. (Rubiaceae) leaves with widely occurrence on Cerrado Biome. The study of this specie led to the isolation and structural elucidation of the alkaloids: bufotenine and bufotenine-N-oxide and coumarin iso-scopelletin. These alkaloids were found mostly in all studied fractions. Furthermore, two alkaloids were identified in misture: 6-hydroxide-2-methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-β- carboline and 7-carboxyl-2-methyl-dihydro-β-carbolinium. Last one is novel alkaloid which however still in structural elucidation. Additionally, considering the great bioactive potential of indol alkaloids, particularly those found in Psychotria species regarding to central nervous system biological activity, we have submitted fractions and isolated compounds of P. capitata to in vitro evaluation with monoamineoxidases MAO-A and MAO-B as bio targets. These biological essays was realized in collaboration with research group of FF/UFRGS that develops studies searching for enzymatic inhibitors involved in neurodegenerative disease such as Parkinson´s disease and Alzheimer. Thus, search of compounds that interact with cholinesterase (AChE and BCHE) and monoamineoxidases (MAO-A and MAO-B) enzymes are important to the comprehension of neurochemical bases of these diseases. The alkaloidal fractions of P. capitata (10 mg/mL) showed inhibition rates between 60 and 89 %, which demonstrate the potential of these fractions. Bufotenine showed selective inhibiton (89 μM) to MAO-A, while bufotenine-Noxide didn´t showed inhibition to none of the enzymes. Therefore, this work contributes to the study of the species of Rubiaceae family, confirming the great potential of this family as source of indol alkaloids with a β- carboline nucleous, which show biological activity of great interest.



WAKUI, V. G. Alcaloides de Psychotria capitata Ruiz & Pav. (Rubiaceae): determinação estrutural e atividade biológica. 2014. 91 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Química) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2015.