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    Adoção de crianças e adolescentes no Brasil: política pública entre a espera e a esperança
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-22) Soares, Lucas Miler de Araújo; Assis, Mariana Prandini Fraga; Assis, Mariana Prandini Fraga; Gonçalves, Eliane; Rocha, Frederico Henrique Galves Coelho da
    This work consists of a bibliographic and documentary study, aiming to critically analyze the public policy of adoption of children and adolescents in force in Brazil. The analysis was based on books, scientific articles and statistical data made available by the Brazilian Judiciary (National Adoption System - SNA). As verified, there is currently a discrepancy between the number of children and adolescents available for adoption and the number of applicants qualified for adoption, this being almost eight times greater than that. It was observed that adoption in Brazil is permeated by stereotypes and prejudices that are present in the social imaginary. These are largely responsible for the hopelessness of more than 75% of children and adolescents living in shelters, who are not adopted and leave the institutions for a world without a family, while potential adopters wait for an imaginary child who meets ideal characteristics of race, age and ability. In addition, it was observed the existence of Adoption Support Groups that work to promote a new adoption culture and thus impact the implementation of this public policy.
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    Uma análise sobre o processo de glocalização das milícias fluminenses: Liga da Justiça, Escritório do Crime e milícias da Baixada Fluminense
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-22) Ribeiro, Ana Flávia Alvim; Pfrimer, Matheus Hoffman; Pfrimer, Matheus Hoffmann; Franco, Geisa Cunha; Lopes, Rafael Bittencourt Rodrigues
    Since the consolidation of democracy after the military dictatorship, Brazil has moved towards becoming – and currently is – the country that has the highest rate of violent deaths and homicides in the world, even though it isn't involved in wars or civil conflicts (Manso, 2020 ). In the city of Rio de Janeiro, the activities of death squads date back to the period of the military regime (Manso, 2020). These groups would be baptized, from the mid-2000s, militias (Manso, 2020). “The militias fit into the international concept of organized crime” (ALERJ, 2008, p. 35) and may they appear to be an actor with influence and reverberation only at the domestic level, but it is necessary to keep in mind that organized crime is not experienced globally or transnationally, but rather as a local phenomenon (Strathern 1995, p. 179 apud Hobbs, 1998, p. 419). In other words, “organized crime is local at all points” (Latour, 1993 apud Hobbs, 1998, p. 419). Therefore, the motivation of this research is to understand the process of glocalization of the Rio de Janeiro militias, specifically the "Liga da Justiça", the "Escritório do Crime" and others located in the "Baixada Fluminense". Understanding this process will allow us to understand which connections these militias have with the international scene, how they impact it and how these connections culminate in a flow of interdependent, connected and deterritorialized networks.
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    O soft power nas relações internacionais: os fatores socioculturais como justificativa para o sucesso do fenômeno Hallyu e a diplomacia pública do governo da Coreia do Sul
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-21) Carrijo, Gabryella Alexandre Peixoto; Martins, Aline Regina Alves; Martins, Aline Regina Alves; Paula, Thais Vieira de; Franco, Geisa Cunha
    The main objective of this work is to present and analyze socio-cultural characteristics and public diplomacy of South Korea as important factors of the international success of the Hallyu phenomenon. This phenomenon was created to explain the popularization of South Korean culture in recent decades. Socio-cultural characteristics that helped expand Hallyu will be analyzed, in addition to the role of the South Korean government in using Hallyu as a political tool in its public diplomacy. There are three hypotheses previously thought for this project: (1) The traditional characteristics of Korean culture, specifically Confucianism and nationalism, are what differentiate its cultural products from those of other countries and draw attention from international audiences; (2) The Hallyu phenomenon has great potential as a soft power resource, but it was developed by the private sector, as the South Korean government only started investing in Hallyu after its success; and (3) the South Korean government is able to structure its public diplomacy efforts by having state and non-state institutions work together to promote its culture. The research methodology is based on a descriptive and exploratory approach. A bibliographic content research was carried out in order to validate (or not) the hypotheses raised here.
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    O papel da mídia jornalística na ascensão de candidatos de direita à presidência no Brasil e na Argentina (2014-2018)
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-17) Lucena, Guilherme Henrique Nink; Mundim, Pedro Santos; Mundim, Pedro Santos; Franco, Geisa Cunha; Lopes, Rafael Bittencourt Rodrigues
    The present study seeks to identify how how part of the argentine and brazilian press, through the negative representation of Cristina Kirchner and Dilma Rousseff, between the years of 2014 and 2018, paved the way for the rise of the right-wing candidates Mauricio Macri and Jair Bolsonaro to the presidency, in the mandates following those of the respective former presidents. For this purpose, the socio-historical roots of the behavior of Clarín Group, in Argentina, and Globo Group, in Brazil, were studied, as well as the analysis of the main articles highlighted by Google News, during the research period. This is a qualitative, exploratory research, with an explanatory bias, which applies French Discourse Analysis by theorist Michel Pêcheux. Finally, a brief comparative analysis was carried out between the reality of the two countries, emphasizing the similarities and differences between the two manifestations of the same variable in different countries.
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    A influência e o poder da mídia na formação e personificação da opinião pública e política
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-29) Melo, Rogério Gonçalves de; Santos, Cleito Pereira dos; Santos, Cleito Pereira dos; Lameirão, Camila Romero
    This monograph aims to demonstrate, through bibliographical research, the influence of the media as mechanisms of social control, from a historical perspective based on the concepts of Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer and other authors, as well as the analysis of articles that focus on understanding this fact today. The influence of the media, manages to create a form of subjection and proliferation of a concept of subservience, which ends with the composition of a rational autocracy, transforming the individual into an instrument of propagation, where this power can control, disarticulate or dismantle systems, thus certifying that the role of the media not only establish behaviors or standards of values, but constructions of arrangements that exert influence, which moves the gears of human relations, changing their behavior in the face of decisions and definitions on aspects that corroborate for the development or delay of living in society.
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    Evolução humana? - Explorando perspectivas da empatia diante da realidade necropolítica
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-23) Alves, Larissa Oliveira; Pechincha, Mônica Thereza Soares; Pechincha, Mônica Thereza Soares; Vieira, Suzane de Alencar; Mainardi, Camila
    In this work, I use the concept of empathy from the Dutch primatologist Frans de Waal, tracing reflections on his understanding of this phenomenon, which would have developed along with human evolution and that of other animals. I oppose it to necropolitics, a concept coined by the Cameroonian philosopher Achille Mbembe, and its links with the politics of race, modernity and coloniality. Within the scope of construction of scientific knowledge, imaginary and criticism of the supposed relationship between aggressiveness and human evolution, I seek to explore other logics that enable the exercise and stimulation of empathy. To do so, I highlight the Tukano genesis of the world and humans, based on the master's thesis of the indigenous anthropologist João Paulo Lima Barreto. This approach seeks to broaden our understanding of empathy, its collapse and its concrete possibilities in more diverse and plural contexts, paying attention to the need for other logics beyond modernity and necropolitics.
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    Neoliberalismo e financeirização: paradigmas da desdemocratização brasileira
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-29) Noronha, Paulo Henrique da Silva; Morais, Deyvid Santos; Morais, Deyvid Santos; Tavares, Francisco Mata Machado
    This research aims to analyze the concepts of neoliberalism, financialization, and de-democratization and how these are interconnected in a causality that shapes the political, economic, and social crises in various countries today. I argue that the advancement of neoliberalism, and as a consequence, the advancement of austerity measures and the dismantling of the welfare state, is allied with an increase in the political and decision-making power of the financial market. This has led to processes that affect representative democracy and popular participation by hindering the debate on the needs of the broader population. With this starting point, I aim to position the case of Brazil in the midst of political turbulence and pressures from a financial elite in favor of a shift towards market-oriented agendas, to the detriment of social policies. This trend became particularly pronounced from 2013 onwards and culminated in the parliamentary-judicial coup in 2016, which deepened reforms aimed at dismantling social rights. I use bibliographic materials and excerpts from the Brazilian mainstream media as a research field, shedding light on this relationship between neoliberalism, financialization, and de-democratization.
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    Refugiados venezuelanos em Goiás: o papel do governo estadual e da sociedade civil no processo de acolhimento e integração entre os anos 2018 e 2022
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-22) Silva, Carolina de Almeida; Lopes, Rafael Bittencourt Rodrigues; Lopes, Rafael Bittencourt Rodrigues; Franco, Geisa Cunha; Castro, Luciano Rodrigues
    This work seeks to understand and analyze how the reception and integration process of Venezuelan refugees in the state of Goiás took place between 2018 and 2022. In more detail, the goal is to understand the conducts and practices adopted by the governmental institutions of the state of Goiás and if these processes were adequate. Regarding the civil society in Goiás, we seek to understand its importance in the process of reception and integration of refugees, in addition to mapping which were the fronts of civil society that acted in the state between the years 2018 and 2022. To carry out this research, an exploratory research methodology was adopted, of a qualitative nature, which uses bibliographic research as a data collection technique and analyzes them through document analysis. With the information collected, it was possible to conclude that the reception process was carried out satisfactorily, mainly by civil society, but also by the state of Goiás. However, for the integration process, it was observed that the state of Goiás needs to be much more committed to policies for refugees and immigrants, as it was found, through research, that civil society action was mainly in the gaps left by the state of Goiás.
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    A representação feminina na política goiana nas eleições de 2018
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-24) Oliveira, Marianna Benjamin Cordeiro de; Lameirão, Camila Romero; Lameirão, Camila Romero; Assis, Mariana Prandini Fraga
    The present monography aims to contextualize the political history of the state of Goiás and its implications regarding the underrepresentation of women in the 2018 elections, the issue of gender isomerism concerning human rights and democratic quality. Starting from the idea that, despite the gender quota law for candidacies and incentives for female participation in political life, there are no significant numbers that affirm effective political parity in the state’s landscape. Through data analysis and arguments, we seek to contextualize the significance of the political history of the state of Goiás concerning gender equivalence in light of the laws governing women’s participation in electoral candidacies. However, despite the state’s political tradition, the collected data do not show a significant discrepancy compares to electoral data from other states in the federation.
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    O papel da mídia na construção e manutenção do racismo estrutural na sociedade brasileira
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-31) Silva, Vitória Siqueira da; Almeida Neto, Luiz Mello de; Almeida Neto, Luiz Mello de; Santos, Cleito Pereira
    It is surprising how, even in today's society, deep-rooted prejudices still exist in Brazilian society. It is even more concerning to note that there are individuals who fail to recognize the importance of this issue and do not feel obligated to be concerned about it. It is crucial that we become aware of the gravity of discrimination as it causes suffering and anguish for people and hinders a nation's progress. To illustrate this problem, one only needs to observe that every 23 minutes a young black person falls victim to homicide in Brazil. The objective of this study is to analyze how the media contributes to the perpetuation of structural racism in the country. We consider the media as a crucial tool in informing the population, as it is through the media that people acquire knowledge, form opinions, and shape their worldview. In this sense, we intend to examine the case of João Alberto Silveira Freitas and how the media portrayed him. To do this, we will analyze the content produced by the newspapers Folha de São Paulo and Estadão regarding this matter between November 19, 2020, and March 19, 2021, with a sample of 195 articles. Additionally, our work also sought to investigate how the media contributes to a culture of impunity and the maintenance of racist structures. Finally, we discuss possible strategies to combat racism through the media and highlight the main actions that people can take to minimize its negative effects.
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    Capitais do urbano: um estudo exploratório das empresas de transporte público coletivo da Região Metropolitana de Goiânia
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-09-04) Azeredo, Pablo Alves de; Cunha, Débora Ferreira da; Cunha, Débora Ferreira da; Madeira, Gabriel Bento; Lameirão, Camila Romero
    This work aims to analyze the main characteristics and influence of public transport companies in the Metropolitan Region of Goiânia, responsible for delivering public transport policy in the region, seeking a better understanding of these private agents f rom the perspective of the concept of urban capitals. To carry out this analysis, a bibliographical review, document and data analysis will be used, so that there is a better understanding of the execution of the public service, using the examples promoted in other studies on the subject, so that it serves as a parallel for the conjunction the arrangement of public transport services in the Metropolitan Region of Goiânia and the possible impacts involving political, social and economic issues implicit in the topic.