Verificação do uso de próteses dentárias em servidores da UFG

Objective: This study aims to verify the use of dental prostheses on servers at the Federal University of Goiás Methods:. It is this work of documentary research through a retrospective survey of the use of qualitative and quantitative dentures among the technical and administrative staff of the Federal University of Goiás in the five-year period. Data collection strategies were at filling the data in an appropriate form, grounded in the literature. Results: The sample consisted of 50 charts analyzed, of which 26% are non users of prosthesis and the other 74% are carriers of prostheses, of which 57% are women and 43% are men. This sample analyzed, it was found that 56.76% showed with fixed partial denture; 5.41% prosthesis over the implant; 2.70% Total prosthesis bimaxilar; 29.73% Total prosthesis associated with a removable partial denture; 2.70% Total dentures, fixed and removable; 2.70% dentures. Conclusion: Based on these results, it is suggested that increases subsidies and programs for the probable redirection service, as well as to establish promotion and health prevention policies.
Próteses dentárias, Dental prosthesis, Reabilitação oral, Saúde bucal, Perda dental, Oral rehabilitation, Buccal health, Tooth loss
MELO, Mauro et al. Verificação do uso de próteses dentárias em servidores da UFG. Robrac: revista odontologica do Brasil Central, Goiânia, v. 24, n. 69, p. 92-94, 2015.