O uso dos recursos tecnológicos no processo de ensino- aprendizagem: possibilidades e desafios

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This study aims to address the use of technological resources in the teaching-learning process, as well as its possibilities and challenges. It is derived from qualitative-informed bibliographic research. The guiding problem of the work is: if the technological resources have been used recurrently as pedagogical means in the teaching-learning process, what are the most common possibilities, problems and perspectives in the use of these resources? The general objective of the study was linked to recognizing the importance and challenges of using these resources in school education. As for the specific objectives, these were: to analyze how the authors present the inclusion of ICTs in the classroom; and reflect up on the positive and negative possibilities presented by scholars about the technological inclusion in the classroom. The results presented consider that, despite the present challenges regarding the use of technologies, such as the difficulty of access or the lack of it in schools and homes, as well as the scarce training of teachers to use them, they are part of the current society, that is technological, and they can contribute to students in the development of different ways of thinking, feeling, acting, and interacting socially and culturally, as well as being new spaces for the acquisition of knowledge. To this end, qualitative research was carried out in an interdisciplinary dialogue with authors from different areas, seeking to make explicit and build hypotheses about the evidenced subject, improving the ideas and substantiating the problem in question. Thus, the present investigation will be conducted from bibliographic studies, based on literature review, such as the studies by Papert (1985, 2001 and 2008); Castells (2003 and 2018); Lévy (1996 and 1999); Resnick (2014 and 2020); Kenski (2003 and 2010); Oliveira, Moura and Sousa (2015); Araujo and Vilaça (2016); Magalhães and Mill (2013); Freire (2007); Marques (2012); Peixoto and Araújo (2012); Perrenaud (2000); Arruda (2013); Moran, Massetto and Behrens (2012); Silva and Luna (2014); Buckingham (2007); Orozco (2002); Belloni (2003); Buffa and Pinto (2007); Imbérnom (2010); Almeida and Valente (2011); Santos (2001) ; Vilaça (2014); Souza (2020); Machado (2020); in addition to research data, legislation, ordinances and official documents.



Recursos tecnológicos, Processo de ensino-aprendizagem, TICs, Possibilidades e desafios, Sala de aula


SILVA, Ana Paula da. O uso dos recursos tecnológicos no processo de ensino-aprendizagem: possibilidades e desafios. 2021. 50 f. Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso (Graduação) - Faculdade de Educação, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2021.