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    Alegoria da destruição: retroflexão e o surgimento de doenças autoimunes
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-08) Schetinger, Clara Luz; Lima, Priscilla Melo Ribeiro de; Lima, Priscilla Melo Ribeiro de; Lago, Marilucia Pereira do
    The human is a being of relationship, both with himself and with the world that surrounds him. Therefore, to understand the subject's illness process, it is necessary to be aware of their relationships and the way they are in Contact, observing their blockages and fluidity. Contact blockade, specifically retroflexion, can be a triggering factor for the physical body to become ill, whereas faced with an imbalance, the body seeks a way to demonstrate its need to restore homeostasis, presenting symptoms as a means of communicating their claim for a change. Thereby, Gestalt therapy proposes a holistic approach at this individual, comprehending their way of being-in-the-world and how their Contact relationships may result in the development of an autoimmune disease, specifically Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)
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    A velhice de Luamanda no espelho: possibilidades de identificação no envelhecer da mulher negra no Brasil
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-27) Teodoro, Isadora Marques; Lima, Priscilla Melo Ribeiro de; Lima, Priscilla Melo Ribeiro de; Lago, Marilucia Pereira do
    In the perspective of Freudian theory of narcissism and ideal instances, I investigate the identification process during the aging of black women in Brazil. For this, I analyze the works of Conceição Evaristo in order to understand this aging in the character Luamanda. We investigated how the aging of black women is implicated in narcissism and ideal instances. Old age, by itself, is on the margins of narcissistic investment. When linked to elements of race and social class, this marginalization is more evident and generates suffering. Evaristo's narratives indicate possibilities for building identities and narratives of resistance
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    A possibilidade de autonomia do indivíduo em uma ciência do comportamento
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-28) Silva, Isadora Damaceno; Heck, Elisa Tavares Sanábio; Heck, Elisa Tavares Sanábio; Oliveira, Rodrigo Marquez Martins de
    This work aims to explore the possibility of talking about autonomy and freedom in behavior analysis, a discipline that brings concepts such as environmental determinism and behavior control as key elements for the vision of the world and of man. In this scenario, there was a survey of texts related to the view of science through behavior analysis and the concepts of control, self-control and counter-control. Thus, it was important to emphasize the definitions of freedom and culture in social texts in this area of knowledge. Finally, when relating the various controls with freedom according to radical behaviorism, self-control and counter-control were the main ways found to promote autonomy and make the individual free from a perspective based on environmental determinism. Some issues such as the values that permeate counter-control and culture planning are important topics to be better developed in future works, as well as the possibility of extending these definitions of science and the technology of behavior itself to a greater number of people
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    Entre fantasia e realidade: um olhar psicanalítico para a dimensão transformadora da criação literária
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-22) Cardoso, Lígia Garcia Borges; Soares, Renata Leite; Soares, Renata Leite; Santos, Altair José dos
    The relationship between literature and psychoanalysis is a vast field of research, and so there are many ways to approach this topic. In this work, literature is highlighted as a human creation that reveals something about its time and the subjects constituted in it, as well as its important dimension of subjective effects. Moreover, this relationship can also be thought of from the constitution of psychoanalysis, since literature is able to allow another look, both for the theoretical field and for clinical practice. In order to elucidate these questions, a bibliographical research was carried out, in which a return to the Freudian work was dedicated to the issues, mainly, in the field of fantasies and artistic and literary creation, in its relation to psychoanalysis. Authors who approach and comment on this theme were also used, such as Maria Rita Kehl, Joel Birman, Renato Mezan, and Marco Antônio Coutinho Jorge. This work focuses, then, on issues characteristic of modernity, essential to the emergence of a specific type of literature, building its importance for the subjects, as well as for the formation of the psychoanalytic field. It also goes through Freud's theory of fantasy and its link to the act of creating. In this sense, this work proposes to think of literature as an agent of transformation, which acts (un)organizing and legitimizing the subjective experiences of the subjects. As a form of manifestation of the unconscious, it reveals the contradictions of the subjects and allows us to understand the complexity of the object of psychoanalysis, the subject of the unconscious. Finally, by highlighting the importance of fantasy for the psychism, literature shows itself as a possibility of expression and realization of desires, also acting in the mediation of the subject with reality
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    Mulher negra e a face do desamparo social – considerações a partir do livro: quarto de despejo
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-28) Souza, Stefanny Dias de; Lima, Priscilla Melo Ribeiro de; Lima, Priscilla Melo Ribeiro de; Lago, Marilucia Pereira do
    The following work aimed to expose the social and psychic helplessness that is imposed on black women. This elaboration had as a starting point the narrative of Carolina Maria de Jesus, in the book - Quarto de despejo (1960/2014). The history of the country reveals how the construction of the category "black" was constituted with depreciative markers, which influenced the formation of its identity. We emphasize the issue of black women and understand that the condition in which they live today is a reflection of the slave-owning past. We rely on psychoanalytic theory to highlight the psychic constitution, pointing out how social representations influence the identification process of the black subject. We show that identifying oneself as a black subject in Brazilian society goes through trauma. This leads to psychic and social suffering. Carolina's work presented itself as a possibility to denounce the place black women occupy in society
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    Terapia comportamental integrativa de casais: uma análise do filme “História de um casamento”
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-28) Santos, Débora Shibuya; Heck, Elisa Tavares Sanábio; Heck, Elisa Tavares Sanábio; Cunha, Olívia Rodrigues da
    This work aims to explore the concepts and techniques of Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT) and exemplify them through the analysis of the movie "Marriage Story," while always emphasizing the importance of discussing romantic relationships so prevalent in human life. To achieve this objective, a literature review was conducted, using Behavior Analysis as the theoretical framework. With the content found, it was possible to raise some interesting observations about the characters in the chosen film. It is hoped that this will contribute to the development of future research focusing on Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy
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    Como preconceitos são aprendidos: uma perspectiva analítico-comportamental
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-28) Queiroz, Vitor Hugo Machado de; Heck, Elisa Tavares Sanábio; Heck, Elisa Tavares Sanábio; Cunha, Olívia Rodrigues da
    The present work had as objective to discuss the possibility of the Analysis of the Behavior be used in understanding the processes of acquisition, maintenance and reduction of prejudiced behavior. For this, theories were selected with analytical-behavioral basis that are particularly useful for the investigation of the phenomenon (verbal behavior, stimulus equivalence paradigm and relational frame theory). Bibliographical research was used as a method of research, adopting the theoretical framework of Behavior Analysis, using articles periodicals and classic texts in the area. The analysis of the texts allowed us to verify the contribution that Behavior Analysis can bring to the area of investigation of prejudices, as well as other social issues. The theory describes processes of acquisition, maintenance and the possibility of interventions that seek to reduce prejudiced behavior. Per Finally, it is suggested that the topic addressed be the subject of future research given its complexity and relatively low academic production
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    Os jogos digitais como elemento constitutivo do pensamento computacional na educação infantil
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-15) Bernardo, Ana Laura Magalhães de Oliveira; Costa, Fernando Wagner da; Lima, Daniela da Costa Britto Pereira; Lima, Daniela da Costa Britto Pereira; Araújo, Luiz Fernando Gonçalves da Silva; Costa, Fernando Wagner da
    This research is focused on understanding what are the contributions of the strategic use of digital games as a constitutive element of computational thinking in early childhood education. Therefore, the work aims to understand the place of digital games as a constitutive element of computational thinking in early childhood education. The research has a qualitative approach and bibliographical and documental character. Through the bibliographical survey, we obtained results that indicate the absence of studies that approach this theme, because after analyzing the selected researches, few approached digital games and computational thinking in early childhood education. It is concluded, therefore, that this research can contribute with reflections, supporting and helping to understand future research, as we understand throughout this work that computational thinking and digital games in early childhood education can contribute to the development and learning of children, working on concepts from Papert (1980) and Wing (2006), being able to develop from programming, for example, logical reasoning, problem solving, creativity, etc.
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    Ensino de ciências na educação infantil sob a perspectiva pedagógica de Maria Montessori
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-03-03) Lima, Hiuly Marques Pimenta e; Genovese, Cinthia Letícia de Carvalho Roversi; Genovese, Cinthia Letícia de Carvalho Roversi; Oliveira, Gyselle Nascente de
    The teaching of Nature Science in Early Childhood Education needs to occur in order to arouse the students' interest, as well as the teaching of all other curricular subjects. In this sense, this paper sought to highlight the contributions of the educational perspective of Maria Montessori, with the help of Cosmic Education and Freedom of Autonomy, which can be applied to teaching and learning processes in Early Childhood Education, in the area of Nature Sciences, considering that this is a methodology that has been little explored by our educators. For this purpose, a qualitative research was carried out, whose method for obtaining data was the elaboration and analysis of a didactic proposal about the Solar System aimed at Early Childhood Education. The data showed that the Montessori teaching perspective has a valuable dimension and its contributions to teaching in terms of Nature Sciences, as a vast and rich source of knowledge that can be used in Early Childhood Education, aiming to contribute to the learning and awakening of cosmic consciousness.
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    Contribuições dos cuidados paliativos no tratamento do câncer de mama
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-27) Beltrão, Virgínia Maria Ferreira; Silva, Ana Idalina de Paiva; Silva, Ana Idalina de Paiva; Orsini, Mara Rúbia de Camargo Alves
    Bearing in mind that palliative care is an approach that aims to provide quality of life for patients affected by chronic, progressive or incurable diseases, the present work addresses some of the contributions of palliative care in the treatment of breast women, both from the perspective of patients and their families. The first chapter aims to present palliative care, its intervention possibilities, where it can be performed, by whom and what each member of the health team does in this approach, and for whom it is offered. In the second chapter, breast cancer and its psychological impacts on women were explored. The third chapter sought to address the possibilities of palliative care in the various stages of breast cancer treatment, reflecting on the contributions of Psychology in this treatment.
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    Precariedade subjetiva e uberização do trabalho
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-09-15) Souza, Rafaella Magalhães de; Santos, Livia Gomes dos; Santos, Livia Gomes dos; Lemos, Gardenia de Souza Furtado
    This study aimed to understand the phenomenon of precarious subjectivity and its relationship with the new forms of work organization in the 21st century and the current process of uberization. For this, we first seek to understand what subjectivity is, how this concept was built over time and its relationship with work. Then, we analyze the new morphology of work in the 21st century , what the profile of the current working class is and what an uberization is. This study adopted as theoretical references the conception of the subjectivity of Socio-Historical Psychology , Marx's dialectical historical materialism, and the debates of Ricardo Antunes' critical social theory . The methodology used was an exploratory study aimed at gathering information to understand the phenomena. Data collection was carried out through a multidisciplinary bibliographic survey , through books, articles, news, theses, and electronic research platforms. Finally , we found, as a result, a specific form of subjectivity resulting from precarious work and we drew parallels between this phenomenon and the uberization process.
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    O sujeito adolescente na instituição hospitalar: desafios e possibilidades da escuta analítica
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-24) Cavalcante, Debora Martins; Soares, Renata Leite; Soares, Renata Leite; Souza, Marylia Glenda Dep
    The scope of this study seeks to understand the aspects that emerge for adolescent subjects faced with the challenges relevant to the phase, as well as the obstacles faced by these subjects when they go through illnesses and the hospitalization process. Based on a bibliographic review research, this work seeks to highlight the challenges and possibilities of the practice and analytical listening to the adolescent inserted in the hospital institution permeated by the hospital-centered model. Based on the theoretical contribution of authors who dialogue with the theme, this study seeks to present the institutions and their symbolic nuances, that is, to present the institution beyond a physical place as it is known by many, in addition to considering it as a symbolic place for the subject. Highlight the importance of social ties, discourse and language for the constitution of the subject and how these aspects are fundamental for analytical listening, as well as revealing possibilities and challenges for the exercise of analytical listening within the scope of the hospital institution. With this, we seek to unravel the possibilities of analytical listening and its potential for the adolescent subject in the hospitalization process. Thus, when summoned to dialogue with the theme, psychoanalysis shows itself to be a contributor. Analytical listening is outlined in the fact that listening enables the adolescent subject, who already carries with him the challenges relevant to the phase in a situation of psychic suffering caused by the disease, to transit and go through the issue of hospitalization. Thus, the listening of the adolescent as a singular subject is understood in the fact that it is a listening that listens to silence, conflict and helplessness.
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    Fauna e flora do cerrado e ações antrópicas: uma sequência didática para estudantes do curso pedagogia
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-27) Arantes, Guilherme de Avelar Silva; Araújo, Michell Pedruzzi Mendes; Oliveira, Fabiane Lopes de; Oliveira, Sheila Santos de; Araújo, Michell Pedruzzi Mendes
    This research aimed to elaborate and apply a following teaching about the Cerrado's Biogeographical system for students of the education course at the Education Faculty - Goias Federal University, seeking students' understanding about the importance of studying the Cerrado in the child education and in the  early years of elementary school. Furthermore, we are based on the Vygotskyan perspective, which understands the teacher as an agent that transforms and is transformed in the teaching process, in addition to also using the perspective of Delizoicov's Angotti’s and Pernambuco’s (2002) three pedagogical moments. Methodologically, this study is configured as a pedagogical intervention research, using participant observation to obtain data. As a result, we highlight the importance of the development of this following teaching for initial formation of the students of de education, the wealth of proposals following teaching elaborate by students, the great reception for with theme, and mainly, the new look that students have on the subject, which encouraged them to look into the proposal, planning dynamic classes and didactic games so that teaching about the Cerrado's Biogeographical system could be developed during their future professional performance.
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    Despertar para as plantas: contribuições da educação ambiental para superação da cegueira vegetal
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-23) Gonçalves, Karolini Ferreira; Genovese, Cinthia Letícia de Carvalho Roversi; Genovese, Cinthia Letícia de Carvalho Roversi; Silva, Simone Evanize Suares
    This study aims to discuss the importance of a true awakening for plants, and with a view to achieving this feat, we analyze the possible contributions arising from Environmental Education in overcoming the trend called plant blindness. The work discusses how this trend affects the perception and recognition of the relevance of plants, as fundamental living beings for the maintenance of life on Earth. Furthermore, throughout the present study, we bring Environmental Education to the discussion, with the aim of listing some of the collaborations of this perspective of education in mitigating the invisibility of plant life. The methodology used in this work was qualitative research, and the method for obtaining data, bibliographical analysis. Considering that our intention was to develop a study focused on the importance of perceiving and valuing plants, in the course of this work, we dedicated special attention to the problem of plant blindness, which certainly presents itself as one of the obstacles in the fulfillment of our purpose. The results of the discussions make it possible to identify factors that encourage this invisibility of plants, as well as alternatives to revert this regrettable scenario.
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    Contribuições da análise do comportamento aplicada na intervenção com crianças no espectro autista
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-27) Marques, Isadora Rodrigues; Silva, Ana Idalina de Paiva; Silva, Ana Idalina de Paiva; Heck, Elisa Tavaves Sanábio
    According to ICD-11 and DSM-V, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by some degree of impairment of social interaction and language. In addition, this disorder also reflects on the behavior of the individual in the environment around him, with a common repertoire of Restricted interests, repetitive behaviors, difficulty with changes and reactions unusual to physical sensations. With the considerable increase in the incidence of Autistic Spectrum since its official recognition by the American Association of Psychiatry (APA), there is an urgent need to provide services that improve the quality of life of this population and reduce the negative impacts caused by the symptoms of this disorder. The practices developed by Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) are the most sought after interventions with children on the spectrum, since, from the first studies in the area, the results demonstrate the high efficacy of ABA in the treatment of ASD. A literature in the area is vast and demonstrates that Applied Behavior Analysis has contributed with the development of interventions with proven positive results for children with autism, such as Early and Intensive Intervention Programs (EIBI). Yet, publications demonstrate that ABA-based intervention programs can provide many benefits for children with ASD, such as a decrease in disruptive behaviors, improvements in resistance to change behaviors, and food selectivity and improvements in communication and social interaction
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    A espetacularização da violência pela mídia
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-23) Silva, Thamires Calandrini Rodrigues; Soares, Renata Leite; Soares, Renata Leite; Lago, Marilucia Pereira do
    Psychoanalysis, having appeared as a clinical method, was also constituted as a fundamental theory about the human psyche, unveiling determining aspects of the relationship between the subject and the culture, based on the notions that the subject is crossed by drives and, in these, the death drive presents itself through hostility intrinsic to the subject. It is known, therefore, that this hostility can become violence inside the social bond, in view of being both a propelling force for the maintenance and transformation of social bonds, and a propelling force for barbarism. In contemporary society, with the rise of neoliberalism and the advent of globalization, violence has permeated society through the inequalities and contradictions experienced within capitalism. Thus, the discussion about the ways in which the cultural industry transforms all cultural productions into mere merchandise begins, and within this, one can speak of the society of the spectacle, a reality in which all images become products and the spectators mere consumers of what is offered by the mainstream media. It is in this context that the great television programs and cinematographic works about violence in its most different forms appear: murders, rapes, assaults, robberies and kidnappings, in addition to the growth of interest in works that portray catastrophes and disasters, transforming terror and horror into entertainment. With this, violence is always seen as a problem of the other, external to the subject himself, always putting him in the position of judge and never taking responsibility for the aggressiveness that crosses the social bond. Thus, through authors such as Sigmund Freud, Joel Birman and Maria Rita Kehl, the spectacularization of violence by the media and the new ways of subjectivation of the contemporary individual will be investigated, as well as the unfolding of these forms of subjectivation in the social bond.
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    Como a maternidade negra vem sendo retratada na Psicologia nos últimos dez anos
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-23) Costa, Cristina Santos da; Lima, Priscilla Melo Ribeiro de; Lima, Priscilla Melo Ribeiro de; Lago, Marilucia Pereira do
    This work proposes a bibliographical research that seeks to understand and point out the treatment focused on the theme of black motherhood in Brazilian psychology. Returning in this way to the history of how slavery took place in Africa and the development here on Brazilian soil, continuing with the discussion of the consequences of this event that last until today in the black female population. As mentioned, it is intended to carry out a bibliographical research using the articles published from 2012 to 2022, which will be analyzed under the integrative review in order to understand the approach they were submitted, as far as themes, authors, etc
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    “Marcelo, marmelo, martelo”: a importância do imaginário no desenvolvimento da criança
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-27) Santos, Danielle Cristina Silveira; Lago, Marilúcia Pereira do; Lago, Marilúcia Pereira do; Vieira, Alessandra Oliveira Machado
    Imagining is part of a child context symbolized as one of the premises for the child's cognitive development, because through the imaginary, the child is able to develop his language, his thoughts, his motor activities, his affectivity, his creativity and other aspects. In this sense, this research has the general objective of understanding the importance of the imaginary in the child's development process. Thus, the methodology used in this research was a (a) bibliographic review on the importance of imagery in the child's cognitive development; (b) literary analysis of the short story “Marcelo, quince, hammer”, highlighting excerpts from the book that bring a reflection to the proposed theme. In addition, the present work valued the reading and literary analysis of the short story “Marcelo, quince, hammer”, highlighting excerpts from the book that bring a reflection to the proposed theme using as a foundation: Wallon, Vygotsky, Piaget, among others. Results: as discussed in Marcelo's story, the child's thinking is not organized like the adult's way of thinking, because in child development, thinking develops according to the impressions that the child has of the world and this is awakened in different ways. Conclusion: imagination is a fundamental tool in this process of child development and maturation
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    Utilização das tecnologias digitais da informação e comunicação no atendimento educacional especializado no contexto da pandemia da Covid-19
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-27) Santos, Ellen Cristhina Rosa dos; Araújo, Michell Pedruzzi Mendes; Araújo, Michell Pedruzzi Mendes; Oliveira, Ana Flávia Teodoro de Mendonça
    The present research aims to understand how has been the use of digital technologies of information and communication (TDICs) by Specialized Education Service (AEE) professionals as tools to enhance the process of learning and to development of the target audience of special education in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. To achieve this goal, it was used a qualitative methodology with an exploratory approach. As procedures for data production, it had been used the semi-structured interview with structured questionnaire with closed and open questions available through Google forms for specialized educational care teachers of educational network of municipality of Goiânia – GO. For the analysis of the data obtained, the assumptions of the cultural-historical perspective based on Vygotsky (1991) and Rego (1995) were used, as well as contemporary theorists who advocate the use of technologies as a tool to enhance learning as Moran (2006; 2007; 2018) and Lima (2016). The results pointed to the difficulty that teachers and students had during the transition from emergency remote learning due to lack of government support for hiring internet to attend the internet consumption during online classes, ineffectiveness in platform created for the students' attendance. Moreover, it evidences the capacity of innovation by the education professionals to meet the specificities of their students. However, many students were also excluded from attendance due to a lack of equipment or internet access, a factor that reveals the great problematic and complexity of the digital exclusion.
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    O dilema do cuidado: as masculinidades e os cuidados a saúde mental
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-23) Silva, Matheus Ferreira da; Lima, Priscilla Melo Ribeiro de; Lima, Priscilla Melo Ribeiro de; Nogueira, Guilherme
    The present work seeks to understand the relationship between masculinity and child care. mental health within the time frame of the years 2020 to 2022. Masculinity has shown throughout history to be resistant to care for oneself and the community. During the mentioned period, vulnerabilities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic demanded more attention to human health. Self-sufficiency, feelings of invulnerability and athletic corporeality, are present symbols of masculinity that contribute to the contempt for physical and mental health care