Educação ambiental - o lixo que produzimos na escola (relato de experiência)

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The present work is an experience report of Educational Intervention Project (PIP) of the Internship II course for the graduation Degree in Biological Sciences - PARFOR/EaD, the Federal University of Goiás (UFG). This was carried out in the State College Meira Matos in St. Louis North - GO in March and April 2014 in the class of 6th grade B of the evening shift. The project objective was to sensitize the reduction of waste that is produced in the school, because this has been one of the problems faced within the school unit. The guiding question was: What to do to reduce the amount of waste produced in this room? The whole project was accompanied with mini reports, opinions of teachers and some students pointing positives, negatives and suggestions for improvements in the school environment. The assessment of this, was through the sum of the several activities developed during the project execution.



Lixo, Meio ambiente e escola, Garbage, Environment and school


SILVA, Elisiane Conceição; LEMOS, Cristiane Lopes Simão. Educação ambiental - o lixo que produzimos na escola (relato de experiência). Educação Ambiental em Ação, Novo Hamburgo, n. 53, p. 20, 2015.