Jogos e brincadeiras generificados na educação infantil: produção acadêmica na Educação Física

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research focuses on the body experiences lived in Physical Education classes, through the Jogos e Brincadeiras na Educação Infantil subject content from the gender perspective, with the aim to know what has been published regarding this topic. Therefore, a survey was conducted on the scientific production in this area, resorting to the journals: Pensar a Prática, Motrivivência, Movimento, Revista Brasileira de Ciências do Esporte, Revista de Educação Física UEM and Licere, selected according to the CAPES quadrennium (2013-2016). These journals were selected due to their A2, B1 and B2 classifications, as well as for being publications that bring about questions regarding body culture from pedagogical, philosophical and sociocultural approaches. After employing the descriptor “games and kid’s plays” or “gender” to research in these journals, 438 papers on this topic were found. However, from this total, only 4 papers were selected to be analyzed, considering the criteria that the gender discussion spans through the games and plays in the Physical Education lessons content in preschool. As a result, it was concluded that, beyond the scarce research production regarding this topic in the journals dedicated to this field, there is a huge re(production) of heteronormative stereotypes in the Physical Education classes. That is to say that the fact of having little publicization regarding this topic doesn’t make it less real and, moreover, that, many times, the lack of thoughtful and critical pedagogical actions regarding gendered languages reinforces supposed embodied ‘roles’ in the games and plays for boys and girls. The papers also indicate that the child doesn’t have any pre-established idea concerning gendered roles to go about his/her activities, such as playing or making friends, and that this phenomenon takes place from the adult’s perspective and his/her stimulus.



Educação Física, Gênero, Jogos e brincadeiras, Educação infantil


PEREIRA, Maria Luiza de Queiroz. Jogos e brincadeiras generificados na educação infantil: produção acadêmica na Educação Física. 2021. 39 f. Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso (Graduação) – Faculdade de Educação Física e Dança, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2021.