Tecnologias em processos de inclusão

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José Paulo Pietrafesa


The aim of this study is to look at certain aspects related to the importance of information and communication technologies and their contribution to the inclusion process. Since it is understood that one of the attributes of technology is to provide opportunities for exercising the right to access knowledge and sociability, ICTs make digital inclusion possible in activities of agents of transformation, enabling them to undertake the changes required by the inclusion process. Thus, this reflection revolves around the appropriation of technologies for the inclusion process in the field of education, not merely as a support but also as the content of the form for constructing knowledge. While not exhausting the theme the text points towards the need to include ICTs in forums for the debate on social inclusion.



Educação, Tecnologias, Diversidade, Inclusão, Education, Technologies, Diversity, Inclusion


RODRIGUES, Cleide Aparecida Carvalho; TEIXEIRA, Ricardo Antonio Gonçalves. Tecnologias em processos de inclusão. Intera-Ação, Goiânia, v. 31, n. 2, p. 261-276, jul.dez. 2006. Disponível em: <https://www.revistas.ufg.br/interacao/article/view/1259/1289>.