Musculação: crença vs. evidências


Strength training is a common form of physical exercise in gyms and a scientific fields that has evolved over the past decades. However, the practice of strength training in gyms is still surrounded by myths, cultural beliefs and the practical application of scientific evidence in the training prescription seems to be far from the reality. Thus, it is necessary to confront common practices with the most relevant scientific findings in order to endorse this behavior if they are converging, or redirect them, in case of disagreement. The aim of this study is do a critical essay on some beliefs adopted in strength training routines, based on relevant theoretical and scientific references.



Treinamento de força, Strength training, Treinamento resistido, Hipertrofia muscular, Resistance training, Muscle hypertrophy


TEIXEIRA, Cauê Vazquez La Scala; MOTOYAMA, Yuri; GENTIL, P. Musculação: crença vs. evidências. Revista Brasileira de Prescrição e Fisiologia do Exercício, São Paulo, v. 9, n. 55, p. 562-571, set./out. 2015.