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    Formação e práticas educativas de professores de medicina: uma abordagem etnográfica
    (2013-10) Costa, Nilce Maria Silva Campos
    This issue describes the use of the ethnographic approach of the qualitative research to investigate the teaching practices of the medicine professors. In addition of methodological procedures, explains the two phases: an exploratory phase, in which it had the access to the context and the phase of. Three data collecting instruments were used which complemented each other: an questionnaire which allowed the establishment of a professional profile of professors of medicine, a semistructured interview with questions relating to the professor’s career experience and also, direct observation in the classroom with a registration of the teaching practices and a description of the teaching strategy. This research allows to ensure the reality and verifies that the dissatisfactions and the ideas of transformations presented by medicine teachers reflects the interest in a genuine transformation of the teaching that contemplate the formation of the physician in Brazilian society. Between the possibilities sight with this kind of research glimpses the professor as investigator of his own educational practice.
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    Formação e atuação de nutricionistas dos Núcleos de Apoio à Saúde da Família
    (2015-04) Kogawa, Camilla Botêga Aguiar; Costa, Nilce Maria da Silva Campos
    Objective The aim of this study was to analyze the education and work of dieticians from the Family Health Support Centers in the state of Goiás. Method This is a descriptive, exploratory, cross-sectional study with dieticians from these centers. The dieticians answered a self-administered questionnaire with open and closed questions that characterized them, their education, and their work. Research Twenty-two female dieticians from Family Health Support Centers participated in the study, representing 88.0% of the total. Of these, 59.1% had graduated less than three years ago; 13.6% specialized in family health; and only 27.3% felt capable of performing their job based on a reflection about the socioeconomic, political, and cultural reality of the territory. Regarding work, 80% had temporary job contracts, which can compromise the bond between the professionals and the population; 36.4% had been working for less than one year; 18.2% received training before they started working; and 59.1% did not feel sufficiently trained to work in the centers. Only 9.1% of the participants discussed matriciamento (support given by a multidisciplinary team to another multidisciplinary team) in the meetings and used tool-related references. Team work was considered a facilitator of their actions, and not knowing the role of Family Health Support Centers was considered a hindrance. Conclusion Dieticians from the Family Health Support Centers in the state of Goiás have little professional experience, do not feel sufficiently trained to work in family health, and have difficulties understanding the local reality, as education did not give them confidence to work in the area and they have little knowledge about the centers.
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    Educação nutricional para pacientes em hemodiálise: controle da hipercalemia e hiperfosfatemia
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2020-05-04) Silva, Ana Luiza Araujo da; Stringhini, Maria Luiza Ferreira; Freitas, Ana Tereza Vaz de Souza
    Nutritional education activities in hemodialysis clinics are of utmost importance for treatment engagement and consequent im provement in the quality of life of patients with Chronic Kidney Disea se (CKD). In this way, the project presented aims to provide nutritional education in the control of hyperkalaemia and hyperphosphatemia to hemodialysis patients through educational actions, which besides optimizing the time of the hemodialysis sessions help in the adhesion of the diets. Several topics were addressed throughout the project, including potassium and phosphorus intake in the DRC, through dia logic lectures using visual illustrative resources and using food bingo with images of food sources of phosphorus or potassium. The results of the activities were positive, demonstrating interest and involve ment of the majority of the patients. It was concluded that the ex tension project contributed to the health promotion of hemodialysis patients, aided in the treatment, providing knowledge and autonomy for a better quality of life of these individuals.
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    Hábito alimentar de mulheres com câncer de mama após intervenção nutricional
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2021-04-15) Martins, Karine Anusca; Morais, Carla Cristina de; Teixeira, Natascha Damião
    The objective of this was to observe the presence or not of changes in the diet of women undergoing treatment for breast cancer, after the implementation of a nutritional educational intervention program. Qualitative quantitative intervention study, institutionally based, with 12 women, diagnosed with breast cancer, between 30 and 72 years old. Six health education activities were carried out. The following were analyzed: age, education, income, marital status, nutritional status by anthropometry and feeding by the "How are you eating?" test from the Ministry of Health. For a quantitative analysis of the data using Epi-Info considering the level of p <0.05. It was noticed after educational intervention important qualitative changes in the participants' diet, such as: reduction in the consumption of red meat, sweets, fried foods and processed foods and an increase in the consumption of water, fruits and vegetables, in the fractionation of meals and the practice of physical activity, without statistical. It was concluded that the extension actions that promote the improvement of the quality of life, even if it is individual, are essential to reduce the risk of recurrences.
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    Beta-caroteno e câncer
    (1998-12) Naves, Maria Margareth Veloso
    The subject β-carotene and cancer has been studied for more than twenty years, through epidemiologic and experimental researches.Observational epidemiologic studies, both prospective and retrospective, have suggested strongly that high intake of vegetables and fruits which are sources of β-carotene is associated with reduced risk of cancer, specially of lung cancer. However, the results of intervention trials do not demonstrate a preventive potential of β-carotene. Nevertheless, in many studies in experimental animals and in cell cultures, this carotenoid had been shown to act as a potent cancer chemopreventive agent and mechanisms have been proposed to explain this protective effect on biological systems. Researchers suggest that β-carotene protects against cancer, in the amounts easily attained by the consumption of a wide variety of diets, and the chronic pharmacological supplementation is not recommended for healthy populations and for heavy smokers.