Abordagem ambiental em livros didáticos de Química: princípios da carta de Belgrado

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Environmental approach in chemistry textbooks: principles of Belgrade letter. This article presents data from a survey that aimed to describe and analyze the environmental approach in chemistry textbooks approved by PNLEM/2008. It is a Content Analyze accomplished by justified categories of Environment Education (EE) based on Belgrade letter which articulates Scientific Knowledge, Knowledge/Awareness and Participation. The results pointed out that some themes are treated in a non contextualized way due to environmental dimension fragmentation which reduces the complexity of humanity-nature relationships. Although not all books fully contemplate the principles of the letter, and the overvaluation of Scientific Knowledge to the detriment of other crucial ones for the ecological condition, the research concluded that Chemistry textbooks can contribute to the accomplishment of EE in schools, emphasizing the necessity for studies about the relationship between the triad components “scientific contents, teacher training and textbook".



Educação ambiental, Livro didático, Carta de Belgrado, Environment education, Textbook, Belgrade letter


CASSIANO, Karla Ferreira Dias; ECHEVERRÍA, Agustina Rosa. Abordagem ambiental em livros didáticos de Química: princípios da carta de Belgrado. Química Nova na Escola, São Paulo, v. 36, n. 3, p. 220-230, ago. 2014.