Campanha obra-prima: relato de experiência

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Federação Brasileira de Associações de Bibliotecários, Cientistas da Informação e Instituições


Presenting the campaign Obra-Prima, aimed at behavioral change by raising awareness on some recurring attitudes in the libraries of the Federal University of Goiás (UFG), such as noise in the study areas of libraries, disregard the time limits for return / renewal , poor preservation of books; replacement incorrectly books on the shelves, and disorganization of spaces for study and work. To symbolize the attitudes targeted in the campaign were selected five great works of art in the world. Each work is linked to one of the attitudes that want to reach. The material consists of five lines that were reproduced in three formats of printed material - posters, shelves and flaps to marked pages. Under the guidance of Sibi/UFG, the team of the Center for Institutional Advertising Ascom/UFG graphic interventions performed in each of the selected works, comparing them with the attitudes they want to reach with the campaign. The idea is that each person, individually, note the change to the work and, therefore, make a reflection on the attitude that each slogan refers.



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