O acervo fotográfico do Colégio Marista de Goiânia como apoio pedagógico no ensino de historia

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Universidade Federal de Goias


This research is a discussion about the use of photography as a historical document and as teaching materials in the teaching of history. It presents the organization of the photographic collection of Marist College of Goiania, as support teaching in the process of teaching-learning, as a contribution to the work of teachers teaching history of this school, in the rescue of the history of the institution and society goiana, from the arrival of the Marist in the city. Considering the amount of photos with great historical value as far as the state of the college, discusses the role of the school library that has the goal entering this context providing educational services, not only through the loan of books, but mainly acting as articulating and guidance Study . For this purpose the position of school librarian figure is of paramount importance, noting that this can provide a pleasant environment, reading, understanding where students have an interest in being. Analyze accordingly, the library of Marist College in Goiania that function as well as space for information, will be the place to Deploy the photographic collection.



Biblioteca escolar, Acervo histórico-fotográfico, Fotografia, Library school, Acquis - photographic history, Photograph


RIBEIRO, Ana Maria. O acervo fotográfico do Colégio Marista de Goiânia como apoio pedagógico no ensino de historia. 2007. 55 f. Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso (Graduação) - Faculdade de Informação e Comunicação, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2007.