Atitude transdisciplinar no ensino de Psicologia

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In this article we seek to highlight the importance of stimulating the innovation in the context of teacher education. We emphasize the interdisciplinary proposal as a possibility for change in educational practices, by the process of self straight eco-training. We present a pedagogical practice whose central idea was to arrange among students an understanding of the existence of interconnections between subject and object of knowledge, by understanding the nature of emotional content can be elevated to the category of knowledge objects, giving them, so, cognitive existence for their lives, just like biology and mathematics are seen as objects of knowledge to be learned. This new attitude toward the practice trainer marks the search for the (trans)formation of subjects personally and collectively, through transdisciplinarity. The possibility of transforming the process of training (trans)formation, via the teaching of psychology, involves new epistemological, without however giving up the condition of critical analysis and reflective stance that helps us in the restructuring of the paths chosen.



Ensino de Psicologia, Transdisciplinaridade, Formação docente, Teacher education, Teaching Psychology, Transdisciplinarity


MAGALHÃES, Solange Martins Oliveira. Atitude transdisciplinar no ensino de Psicologia. Dialogia, São Paulo, n. 13, p. 101-122, 2011.