Alguns efeitos do discurso da ciencia na atualidade

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The aim of this article is to discuss one of the revelations of science, particularly techno-science. Here it is considered to be a milestone in contemporaneousness, which dictates the imperative of the technique and its grandeur as that which supposedly answers, fills and satisfies all. The academic milieu, rooted in the cultural context pierced through by techno-scientific logic, is not free of its effects, or of the consumer dynamic which tends to consider knowledge as a consumer good. On the contrary, both scho- ols and universities adhere to this logic and expel from their framework the possibility of subjectivation, that is, the manner proper to a subject of settling accounts differently, with the marks which constitute it.



Tecnociencia, Subjetivação, Discurso pedagógico, Techno-science, Pedagogical discourse, Subjectivation


BURGARELLI, Cristóvão Giovani; RIBEIRO, Pollyanna Rosa. Alguns efeitos do discurso da ciencia na atualidade. Revista Educação em Questão, Natal, v. 38, n. 24, p. 34-56, maio/ago. 2010.