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    O efeito da feminização ocupacional sobre os diferenciais de rendimentos: um estudo longitudinal na região Centro-Oeste
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-09-29) Sardinha, Tales Ferraz; Meireles, Débora Chaves;; Meireles, Débora Chaves; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo; Proque, Andressa Lemes
    In recent decades, the increasing participation of women in the labor market has reflected in typically feminine occupations filled mostly by women. This phenomenon was called occupational feminization. The present study seeks to analyze the influence of occupational feminization on the income of men and women in the Midwest region of Brazil, in the period from 2017 to 2022. For this purpose, longitudinal data from the PNAD Continua was used as a empirical strategy, the Ordinary Least Squares (OLS), Fixed Effects and Logit models with fixed effects. The results showed that there was a penalty in the income of men and women who were allocated to female occupations. Furthermore, it was evidenced that human capital characteristics and the presence of children do not influence income penalties, thus strengthening the Queuing and Devaluation Theories, in which the primary argument is that prejudices rooted in society are determining factors for lower incomes in female occupations.
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    Análise do mismatch na inserção dos egressos do ensino superior no mercado de trabalho
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-05-04) Vieira, Pedro Henrique Mendes Rodrigues; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo;; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo; Meireles, Debora Chaves; Simão, Rosycler Cristina Santos
    This work aims to analyze the occurrence of mismatch in the national formal labor market through data from a Federal University. In this sense, an attempt is made to find the incidence and probability of graduates have incompatibility between their area of training and occupation and also being considered overeducated, working in occupations with less requirement for years of study. Likewise, it analyzes whether there are differences in the type of absorption in the labor market for graduates from courses considered “elite”, thus testing the hypothesis that graduates from this group are less prone to misfits. The sample comprises graduates from 80 courses at the Federal University of Goiás graduated between 2005 and 2020 and employed in the formal job market. Using a Probit model, the probabilities of the graduates being in one of the mismatch were estimated. The results show that black graduates, from public schools, who work outside Goiânia, work under the CLT regime, are in the public sector, studied applied social sciences and agricultural sciences, were hired before or during the student period and those who attended courses non-elite are more likely to be overeducated. In the mismatch between education and occupation, the greatest probability is found in male graduates, black, coming from private schools, under CLT regime, working in the public sector, graduated in an applied social sciences course, who are in a situation of overeducation, who got a job before or during graduation and who belong to the elite group. With this, it is observed that the hypothesis of lower occurrence of mismatch for individuals coming from elite courses, happens only in the case of overeducation.
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    Desempenho da produtividade total dos fatores (PTF), na agropecuária das mesorregiões de Goiás entre 1970 e 2017
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-05-15) Mello Júnior, Fernando Corrêa de; Silva Neto, Waldemiro Alcântara da;; Silva Neto, Waldemiro Alcântara da; Silva, Adriana Ferreira; Queiroz, Antônio Marcos de
    During the 1970s, the process known as agricultural modernization began in the state of Goiás, a little later than in the rest of Brazil, which started in the 1950s. Enabled mainly by public policies promoting regional development and abundant financing, the cerrado region of Goiás saw the introduction of new techniques capable of boosting productivity in the sector, as well as machinery, equipment, and inputs. This work contributes in two aspects i) to the literature, by providing a study of a geographical and regional scope that has not yet been explored; ii) it fills a gap in the detailed analysis of the state of Goiás, which is the fifth largest agricultural producer in the country in terms of Gross Value of Agricultural Production (VBP) in 2022. For the parties involved, it provides analytical evidence of the homogeneity or heterogeneity of the state's productivity, shedding light on state public policies and market decisions made by the productive agents. Given this scenario and the importance of agriculture for Goiás, the objective of this work is to analyze and compare the performance of agricultural Total Factor Productivity (TFP) in Goiás and its different Mesoregions. TFP was chosen as a proxy for productivity. The methodology used focused on analyzing TFP between 1970 and 2017, and its inputs and output indices calculated using the Törnqvist index (1936). The results showed that, starting from 1970, agricultural productivity in the Southern Mesoregion grew at a higher rate than that observed in the state of Goiás and the adjacent mesoregions, with the Capital index experiencing higher growth compared to Labor and Land indices from the same decade, indicating a shift towards largescale production in the regional agriculture, increasing labor and land productivity. The Eastern Mesoregion had the second highest annual growth rate of TFP during the study period, with a 0.13 percentage point difference from the leader. The performance of the Eastern Mesoregion was linked to the increase in the output index in the last two censuses, facilitated by irrigated crops using central pivots. The North and Northwest regions followed trajectories where livestock products had smaller increases in the output index compared to agricultural products, from 1970 to 2017, representing the main contributions to the agricultural value. On the other hand, the Central Mesoregion diverged from the state average of agricultural TFP, as land use for agricultural activities and labor experienced declines starting from 1985, resulting in the lowest average TFP growth during the analyzed period.
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    Análise bibliométrica da produção científica sobre bioeconomia no Brasil: uma visão panorâmica
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-05-25) Silva, Guidborgongne Carneiro Nunes da; Silva, Adriana Ferreira;; Silva, Adriana Ferreira; Barbosa, Cleidinaldo de Jesus; Silva Neto, Waldemiro Alcântara da
    Academic works that address the concept of Bioeconomy, as well as the concepts that involve this production model, have been developed in interdisciplinary areas such as energy security, renewable industry and agroecology. Therefore, the characterization of Bioeconomy is still seen as a concept under construction, whose definition and applicability have been presented from different and often divergent approaches. In this context, the main objective of this study is to analyze, through a systematic review and bibliometric analysis of the literature, the scientific production of Brazilian researchers on the subject, between the years 2015 and 2022, in order to assess how the concept of Bioeconomy has been employed. In general, the analyzes of the studies pointed to divergences in the authors' approaches, but convergence regarding the need to integrate different fields of knowledge, with emphasis on areas related to biotechnology, bioinputs and bioecology to enhance an economic model with biological inputs and that preserves the biodiversity. Furthermore, the authors agree that Bioeconomy is a field of knowledge that has provided advances in socio-environmental sustainability actions in a systemic and integrated way among different agents. This research contributes to measure the level of participation of Brazilian researchers in the construction of the concept of bioeconomy
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    Sustentabilidade da avicultura de corte no estado de Goiás: uma análise sob a ótica da nova economia institucional
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-04-11) Santos, Willams Douglas dos; Silva, Adriana Ferreira;; Silva, Adriana Ferreira; Wander, Alcido Elenor; Cunha, Cleyzer Adrian da
    The production of chicken meat increased significantly over the past decades, influenced by technical gains in production, slaughter and processing along the poultry chain. In the Brazilian State of Goiás, specifically, production increased expressively too, favored by a highly technological agricultural-industrial system, the significant local supply of grains and the presence of economies of scale. It is in this context that the present study is developed, seeking to understand the sustainability actions carried out in the productive chain of poultry in the State of Goiás. For this, the theoretical assumptions and parameters of the New Institutional Economics were used as a methodological reference, in parallel with the categories of the SWOT Matrix. The data used involved the survey of secondary data from the four main agribusinesses in the State of Goiás. The importance of this research is justified by its contribution to the understanding of the current scenario of chicken meat production, as well as for the understanding of the strategies that are reflected in better sustainable practices in the chain. The results allowed us to conclude that this scenario has led to an increase in the supply of chicken meat, however, causing negative consequences to the environment. To circumvent such effects, the agribusinesses have sought to perform some actions, such as water treatment to return to rivers and springs, renewable energy practices, alternatives that minimize the use of natural resources and reduce the environmental impacts generated by the production of chicken meat.
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    Negociações coletivas e indústria 4.0 na EU-15: uma análise de modelos condicionais mistos
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-01-24) Dutra, Matheus Henrique de Araújo; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo;; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo; Bichara, Julimar da Silva; Silva Neto, Waldemiro Alcântara da
    Industry 4.0, understood as an innovation process based on cyber-physical systems and the "Internet of Things", is raising the interest of the scientific community for its disruptive potential and its economic and world of work impacts. Thereof, this dissertation aims to analyze the relationship between collective agreements and Industry 4.0 companies in 15 countries of the European Union, based on the level at which they occur and the different industrial relations of different groups of countries, using the concept of Varieties of Capitalism as a theoretical basis. Thus, biprobit-type models are estimated to verify the probability that a bussiness company uses or introduces technologies related to Industry 4.0, based on the level at which such negotiations are presented in a set of explanatory variables from a sample of the European Company Survey. Given the possible presence of unobserved endogeneity and heterogeneity problems, the models are estimated using the estimator of Deb and Trivedi (2006b). The results indicate a positive and significant relationship between the presence of collective agreements, especially that occurring at higher levels, and the probability that the company introduces or already uses I.4.0 technologies. It is also found that collective agreements has a non-linear effect on innovation, and this impact is more relevant in companies with a lower tendency to innovate, belonging to liberal market economies.
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    Trajetórias da bovinocultura de corte no Brasil e no estado de Goiás: perspectivas para uma transição sustentável
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-01-18) Gomes, Raquel Oliveira; Silva Neto, Waldemiro Alcântara da;; Silva Neto, Waldemiro Alcântara da; Silva, Adriana Ferreira; Santos, Ricardo Bruno Nascimento dos
    The dissertation is presented in the format of two articles. The first article sought to understand the elements linked to the economic and environmental issue in relation to the characteristics of beef cattle in Brazil and in the state of Goiás, investigating the advances in the main areas highlighted by the literature on the subject, mainly in the issue of animal food quality and in the implementation of integrated systems. The results show that for advances to be achieved in the environmental area, it is necessary that the alternatives presented to the producers consider their economic attractiveness and the operational capacity of their implementation. The second article sought to investigate the effects of demand and supply shocks on the trajectories of beef cattle in Brazil and the state of Goiás, taking into account the environmental aspect. Theoretically, we sought to include greenhouse gas emissions in the econometric modeling of a structural VAR, building on the traditional models initiated by Blanchard and Quah (1989) for Brazilian beef cattle. In the first article, it was possible to identify a set of advances in supplementation and confinement practices that have the potential to reduce greenhouse gases produced by beef cattle. However, the adoption of integrated systems by producers has not yet been shown to be a chosen alternative. In the second article, it was mainly observed that there is a need for planning the growth of the herds at a national level and in the state of Goiás, so that the increase in production in the coming years takes place with productivity gains and a reduction of the environmental impacts of the sector. In general, the components of GHG emissions, which also represent the sector's technological standard, and animal stock had the greatest long-term impacts on the other variables in the sector, reinforcing the need to combine good production practices to increase productivity and reduce the sector's impacts on the environment.
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    Inferência estatística via bootstrap no modelo de regressão gama unitária
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-09-16) Barroso, Ihuri Nunes; Silva, Tatiane Ferreira do Nascimento Melo da;; Silva, Tatiane Ferreira do Nascimento Melo da; Milani, Eder Angelo; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo
    In Economics, there are many situations involving data restricted to the range (0;1), that is, data of rates and proportions, and there are models that are better suited to this situation, such as the Unit Gamma regression model . However, when the sample size is small, or even moderate, the Statistical Inference of these models is compromised. Estimators, in general, tend to become more biased and test statistics lead to less accurate tests. Thus, it is necessary to use tools that are able to correct the bias of estimators and test statistics, such as the method of bootstrap. In this work, we propose Monte Carlo simulations, via bootstrap, which solve the aforementioned problems. In addition, we study socioeconomic variables that impact energy generation through photovoltaic systems, using the Unit Gamma regression model and Statistical Inference via it bootstrap
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    Programa Nacional do Livro e do Material Didático (PNLD): análise de impacto no período de 2013 – 2020
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-08-24) Gomes, Patrícia Ribeiro Silva; Monteiro, Waleska de Fátima;; Monteiro, Waleska de Fátima; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo; Oliveira, Héder Carlos de
    Impact evaluations are an important instrument for verifying the efficiency and effectiveness of public policies, as well as serving as a measure to verify the correct expenditure of public resources. Given the above, as well as the lack of impact evaluation of the Programa Nacional do Livro e do Material Didático (PNLD), this research aims to promote an unprecedented impact evaluation of the mentioned program, measuring the impact of the PNLD on the dropout rate in Brazil. For this, the Propensity Score Matching was the method used, estimating the average effect of the treatment in the treated - ATT. According to the results obtained, it is possible to observe that the program has the expected effect of reducing the dropout rate in schools that chose to participate in the PNLD, as well as it was also identified that other variables, such as the presence of computer lab and library in the school, when associated with the PNLD, contribute to the reduction in the dropout rate.
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    Exportações brasileiras de carne suína para os principais destinos: uma análise de persistência aos choques
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-08-19) Xavier, Bruna de Souza; Silva Neto, Waldemiro Alcântara da;; Silva Neto, Waldemiro Alcântara da; Silva, Renilson Rodrigues da; Silva, Adriana Ferreira
    Brazil is the emerging country that most exports pork today. However, it has not advanced in terms of production and exports, occupying, since 2012, the 4th place in the list of the largest producers and exporters of the protein in the world. The main objective of this work is to analyze Brazilian pork exports to the main destinations (China, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and Angola) through an analysis of persistence of shocks between the years 2000 and 2022. The specific objectives are to identify the behavior of each of these series, confirm whether or not they have long memory and verify if the presence of a structural break in the data changes the results of the series. The methodology is based on the long-range dependence test by Lo et al. (1991), and as a way of comparison, other tests were performed, among them are the Classical R/S statistic developed by Hurst (1951); estimation of the fractional integration parameter by spectral regression, or log-perio-dogram, by Geweke and Porter-Hudak (1983); the semiparametric log-periodogram estimator, by Robinson (1995). The results showed that the series exhibit a long memory property and that, in the face of an exogenous shock, Brazilian pork is considered a product with a strong presence in the international market, although subject to export volatility and low diversification of buyers, in addi-tion to political and sanitary interferences. Therefore, the hypothesis confirms the existence of per-sistence of shocks considering that after an exogenous shock it is possible to infer that both the volumes exported and the amounts paid for pork by the selected destinations tend to return to the pattern prior to the event. In this way, the present work differs from the previous literature by analy-zing the behavior of the Brazilian pork export series.
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    Exportações brasileiras de soja para os principais destinos: uma análise de persistência à choques
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-05-30) Lima, Juan Lucas Alves de; Silva Neto, Waldemiro Alcântara da;; Silva Neto, Waldemiro Alcântara da; Mansueto, Sandro Eduardo; Silva, Renilson Rodrigues da
    Agribusiness is one of the most important sectors in Brazil. Almost a third of the Gross Domestic Product comes from the segment. In 2020, the participation of agribusiness corresponded to about 27% of the National GDP. Currently, soy is the main Brazilian agribusiness product, which is why the country stands out for being a leader in world production and export. This form of production is present in the five corners of Brazil, in nineteen states and the Federal District. In addition to strong production, Brazilian soy is present in a huge range of destinations, reaching 116 countries that buy Brazilian soy. Given the significant importance that soybeans have for Brazil, and for one of the main players in the global scenario, the objective of this study is to analyze whether the series of Brazilian exports to the main destinations have a long memory, that is, if there is persistence to shocks exogenous. The method used to identify the presence of long memory of the export series is the calculation of the Hurst exponent, H, and structural break tests. The exponent is found by calculating the R/S statistic and the DFA method, and the LM structural break test. The results showed that the Brazilian soybean export market is consolidated and that the shocks do not affect exports in a persistent and permanent way.
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    Subsídio de bolsas tem efeito na evasão de curso superior ? Avaliação do Programa Bolsa Universitária de Goiás
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-03-07) Nogueira, José Wanderley Moura; Ribeiro, Felipe Garcia;; Teixeira, Anderson Mutter;; Teixeira, Anderson Mutter; Silva, Felipe Queiroz; Monteiro, Waleska de Fátima
    Since the evaluation of the impact of public policies is an important measure to improve the evaluation of public spending, and that there are sporadic, or on some occasions, when public projects can be approved for the grant, the present study has the general objective of to promote the first Impact of the Scholarship Program of the State of Goiás, evaluating the Impact of the Programa Bolsa Universitária-PBU on the evasion of private higher education courses in that state. To this end, the Propensity Score Matching method was initially used to form the treatment and control group. Later, a survival analysis was used to measure the chances of students not dropping out. Among the main results, it was observed that the presented itself efficient to its objective of reducing the dropout rates, additionally paid internship, social support and academic program as chances of non-evasion.
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    Imigrantes haitianos no mercado de trabalho formal brasileiro
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2021-07-05) Cardoso, Felipe Pureza; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo;; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo; Meireles, Débora Chaves; Antigo, Mariangela Furlan
    In 2010, an earthquake hit Haiti and caused thousands of citizens from that country to migrate to Brazil. Therefore, this dissertation aims to analyze how the insertion of Haitian immigrants in the Brazilian labor market takes place, assuming that they are occupied in the segments in which they have greater comparative advantages in relation to the Brazilians nationals. Thus, we estimate typically Mincerian equations through quantile regressions in addition to an Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition in a sample with Haitians, Brazilians in the same occupations and natives in other jobs from the 2019 Annual List of Social Information (RAIS). It is verified that the average salary of those who are working in occupations considered to be Haitian is lower, which may be an indication of the inferior quality and precariousness of these jobs. Furthermore, evidence is found that the wage determinants act differently for each group, valuing Brazilian workers more. In this context, Haitians act as complements to Brazilians who are in different occupations and as substitutes for those who work in the same positions, but only in the lower income brackets.
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    Impactos das queimadas e políticas ambientais: uma análise utilizando jogos agregativos
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2021-03-12) Barbosa, Jessica de Abreu; Maldonado, Wilfredo Fernando Leiva;; Maldonado, Wilfredo Fernando Leiva; Holanda, Francisco Bruno de Lima; Ribeiro, Jussara
    Burning and deforestation are relevant problems that affect the environment and the economic growth. The way in which governments deal with the impacts and externalities caused by fire and deforestation decisions can have consequences that affect the country's reputation abroad, causing an environment of uncertainty, affecting investment decisions, in addition to affecting the health of people, the air and water qualities, with consequences on the production itself. Using an aggregative game framework, we provide a model that allows us to find the equilibrium in the producers' burning and deforesting decisions. The equilibrium also allows us to analyze the effect of fines over those decisions seen as costs of the producers. In the Nash equilibrium, fines negatively affect farmers' optimal decisions. To empirically verify the results, we run a Cross-section data regression model using information of the municipalities of the Legal Amazon for the year 2017 and a Panel data regression for the States of the Legal Amazon from 2009 to 2018. The results found indicate that the fines have a negative impact on the deforestation over time, but factors such as poor oversight enforcement hamper the implementation of the assessment policy, making it not as efficient as what previewed in the theoretical model.
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    Diferenças salariais por origem familiar (e cor): uma análise para egressos do ensino superior da UFG
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2021-03-07) Guimarães, Adriana Moura; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo;; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo; Cardoso, Larissa Barbosa; Ribeiro, Carlos Antônio Costa
    This work assesses the impact of family origin on income and wage differentiation by race. As a proxy for family origin, a dummy is used regarding the administrative dependency of the school where the analyzed individuals attended high school. In this context, ex-students from public schools are identified as born in families with unpleasant situations in relation to the others. The sample comprises 10 courses’ graduates from the Federal University of Goiás graduated between 2010 and 2017 and employed in the formal job market. The results show that even controlling factors such as course, institution and contract length, public schools’ students still reach hourly-wages lower than their counterpart. Regarding the issue of color, analyzed here via Oaxaca's decomposition, it is seen that socioeconomic origin is a part significant of the wage differences explained between Blacks and Non-Blacks people.
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    Refinamentos de métodos assintóticos no modelo de regressão Lindley-Unitária
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2021-02-25) Oliveira, Pedro Ricelly Gama de; Silva, Tatiane Ferreira do Nascimento Melo da;; Silva, Tatiane Ferreira do Nascimento Melo da; Holanda, Francisco Bruno de Lima; Vargas, Tiago Moreira
    Modelos de regressão são amplamente utilizados em Economia, principalmente quando os dados envolvidos são taxas e proporções. O modelo de regressão Lindley-Unitária é definido para dados restritos ao intervalo (0,1). Em problemas regulares, a inferência baseada na teoria assintótica pode não ser confiável quando a amostra é pequena. É o caso da estimativa de máxima verossimilhança e do teste de Wald. Correções de vieses nos estimadores de máxima verossimilhança e ajuste feito na estatística de teste são uma forma amplamente utilizada para resolver tais problemas. Nesta dissertação, obtemos uma expressão para corrigir o viés e uma fórmula para a matriz de covariância de segunda ordem para os estimadores de máxima verossimilhança no modelo de regressão Lindley-Unitária. Evidências numéricas mostram que os estimadores corrigidos são menos viesados e que o teste de Wald baseado na covariância de segunda ordem é mais preciso. Finalmente, duas aplicações para dados econômicos são apresentadas, nas quais as correções levaram a diferentes inferências.
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    Análise das elasticidades de curto e longo prazo da arrecadação de ICMS em Goiás por setor de atividade
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2020-12-18) Oliveira, Wederson Xavier de; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo;; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo; Teixeira, Anderson Mutter; Ely, Regis Augusto
    For the appropriate conducting of fiscal policy is important understand how tax revenue responds to macroeconomic changes, quantifying its sensitivity. Incorrect forecasts about growth of tax revenue can lead to mistakes in the elaboration of the government budget of the following year, compromising fiscal balance. In addition to quantifying this sensitivity in the long run, it’s also of fundamental importance to know how tax revenue develops in face of short-term fluctuations in the level of economic activity, because the correct estimative of revenue, within the financial year, allows matching the expenditure execution to the pace of revenue collection, achieving the budget balance. In this context, this work aims to measure the sensitivity of VAT (Value-Added Tax) revenue in Goiás in face of changes in the level of economic activity. For this goal, short and long-term elasticities of VAT are estimated in response to changes in GDP, using Ordinary Least Squares (OLS), Dynamic Ordinary Least Squares (DOLS), OLS with Error Correction Model and OLS with Error Correction allowing asymmetrical responses. These elasticities are also estimated for the largest sectors of economy in terms of VAT. Quarterly series are used in the period between 1st quarter of 2003 and 1st quarter of 2020. Among the main empirical verifications, it’s observed, as desirable, a tax revenue elastic to GDP in the long run, indicating that VAT in Goiás accompanies the growth of the Brazilian economy, with an elasticity of 1.32121. In the short term, VAT revenue is inelastic to GDP, showing some stability during cyclical crises, with growth of around 0.97% for every 1% of GDP growth. It’s also verified that the tax revenue in Goiás presents asymmetrical responses in the short term. When below the long-term equilibrium, the short-term elasticity is 0.753, more inelastic than in the model without asymmetry. On the other hand, when above of the long-term equilibrium, it presents an elastic tax revenue, equal to 1.209016.
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    Um modelo de leilão para estimular a competição por outorgas de autorização de pequenas centrais hidrelétricas
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2020-07-07) Dias, Yuri Ferreira Gomes; Maldonado, Wilfredo Fernando Leiva;; Scalco, Paulo Roberto;; Scalco, Paulo Roberto; Maldonado, Wilfredo Fernando Leiva; Holanda, Francisco Bruno de Lima; Bugarin, Maurício Soares
    When the Federal Constitution established that the hydropower natural potential is a public good, it has enacted a duty for the Federal State: balancing the hydropower deployment aligned with the public interest. In order to have the right to exploit a Small Hydro Powerplants (SHP), a private-owned company shall follow a federal regulation framework, which can be competition for this exploitation. In this case, the Regulator enacts rules which intends to sort the project that better represents a hydropower natural potential. This dissertation proposes an auction model that aims to foster competition among companies. It will be used a sealed-bid first-price auction, where the agent with higher bid will be continued on the process of small hydro powerplant license. Moreover, it will be availed the regulatory result of the current normative will be evaluated and compared with the auction model proposed. As a result, it is possible that auction mechanism reduces the participation of inadequate or adventure companies. This work shows that Regulator type affect the behavior of the companies which will participate in the process. A kind strong of regulator acts proactively, punishing misconduct and delays, also it maybe decreases presence of inadequate or adventure companies.
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    Financeirização, distribuição funcional da renda e crescimento econômico: uma análise teórica e empírica sobre os efeitos da financeirização na dinâmica econômica
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2020-07-17) Moreira, Gabriela Balduino; Meyrelles, Ségio Fornazier;; Meyrelles, Ségio Fornazier; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo; Lucena, Andrea Freire de
    Financialization is a process whose definition is broad. In its most concrete form, this process manifests itself in the growing role and influence of financial agents and markets and, from the logic of accumulation that is specific to this sphere, vis-à-vis participation, the reasons and decisions that traditionally guide production and distribution of wealth in the real sphere of the economic system. The recent heterodox literature on growth and income distribution has analyzed the effects of financialization on the growth of aggregate demand. The income distribution treated here is functional. Otherwise, it is about the distribution between income classes, notably between wages and profits. Taking into account the undeniable importance of the theme and the fact that empirical studies referring to it are still scarce, the research proposal presented here aims to contribute to the literature in question by analyzing the potential effects of financialization on income distribution and the dynamics of aggregate demand, using the neo-kaleckian perspective on growth and functional income distribution as a starting point. In this sense, the direct impact of financialization on the share of income earmarked for wages, capital accumulation and consumption, respectively, is econometrically estimated. As a proxy for financialization, two variables are alternatively employed: total credit to households and total credit to the non-financial sector. The data collected for the construction of the panel includes a sample with observations for 43 countries, developed and developing, in the period from 1980 to 2017. The observations were extracted from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) database and the Penn Word Table (PWT). For the econometric specification, in order to achieve more robust results, three different models were used, namely: the Fixed Effects Model, the Random Effects Model and the Generalized Method of Moments in Differences Estimator (GMM) of Arellano and Bond (1991). The results found showed that financialization contributed to a redistribution of income at the expense of wages, a drop in physical capital investment and a drop in consumption. It was considered that there was a profit-free regime and ruled out the possibility of a debt-led demand regime ( economy driven by debt).
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    Discriminação de preços de terceiro grau com externalidade em oligopólio de Cournot
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2020-05-06) Vilasboas, Anna Eloyr Silveira; Holanda, Francisco Bruno de Lima;; Holanda, Francisco Bruno de Lima; Maldonado, Wilfredo Leiva; Torres, Juan Pablo Gama
    Firms often find it profitable to segment customers according to their demand sensitivity and to price discriminate accordingly. In some settings, consumer heterogeneity can be directly observed, and a firm can base its pricing upon contractible consumer characteristics. In this context, the presente dissertation analyses olipolistic third-degree price discrimination in the presence of consumption externalities within female and male markets. Assuming linear inverse demands, we investigate an associated change in social welfare (the sum of the consumers’ surpluses and the producer’s profit) with the regime change from uniform pricing to price discrimination when both markets are open under either regime. It is shown that social welfare and men’s consumer surlus does not is unaffected by the regime change. However, women’s consumer surplus increases with price discriminated.