Arquivo, Museu, Contemporâneo. A fabricação do conceito de Arte Contemporânea no museu de Arte de Santa Catarina-Masc/SC

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The present study analyzes, in the ambit of the Art Museum from Santa Catarina (MASC), the theoretical pathway between the work of Contemporary Art and the dynamics of the called Art system undertaken at the inside part of the institution . It is verified the theory of Art from the theoretician practices, which inserted in the context of the institutions, may define the statute of what Art is and what Art is not. For both authors such as: Cauquelin (2005a, 2005b), Millet (1997), Archer (2001), Gonçalves (2004), Freire (1999) were used as theoretical apparatus. Concerning about the field InterArt theory, it is investigated the relations between Contemporary Art and its process of patrimonialization understood from the changes that got effective in contemporary artistic production, constituting the deconstruction of the artistic object or its frailty as object of art. Take into account the History field and Interart Theory, the studies have analyzed the Modern and Contemporary Art objects and its circularity in institutions from the following: the concept of Art, the concept of archive, the concept of memory and from the document as blank for the work. Authors such as Nora (1993), Huyssen (1996), Freud (1997), Birman (2006), Mezan (1989) have contributed with the notion of memory allied to the the process of forgetfulness and to the museum as an institution of memory. It is also analysed the transformation from Florianópolis Modern Art Museum (MAMF) in Santa Catarina Art Museum (MASC), in 1970s decade, process which gets effective from the reflections on the issues which build the Contemporary transformations and the actors considered relevant to the transformation process from MASC: For the transformation analysis, reflections about museum collection issues are presented: What collection is and thought, the documental dimension that closes it and the dimension of archive concept, which means, the notion of archive which gets effective from Mal D Archive in Derrida (2001) e Roudinesco (2006) and the process of filing, by which the museum takes place: The excess, the absence, the deletion, the forgetfulness, caused by the institution and in the institutionalization of archive. In parallel with the theoretical studies, it was carried out a diagnostic-visit to sixteen Art Museums around six Brazilian states. It was defined as analysis object MASC by presenting the features of a museum which possesses Modern Art and Contemporary Art museum collection, due to the singularity of its creation process.



PINTO, Suely Lima de Assis. Archive, museum, contemporary. The manufacture of contemporary art concept at Santa Art Museum- MASC/SC. 2011. 340 f. Tese (Doutorado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2011.