Coordenação pedagógica e a mediação da formação docente na educação de jovens e adultos

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This study aims to know and describe the areas of functions of the Pedagogical Coordination in the face of teacher training in the workplace. This is a qualitative research, with use of ethnographic instruments, based on referential of criticalreflective conception, in order to know and identify the main aspects to the continuous training of teachers, in view of the forms of mediation given by the Pedagogical Coordinators and the reasons why the teacher development is produced and legitimized in the public schools of education of youth people and adults in the Anápolis-GO. In view of the methodological procedures, the study is divided in three chapters based in documentary/literature research and in field research. The data were collected through questionnaires, observations, interviews and practical intervention (training workshop). The field research was delimited to a group of fifteen teachers and four teachers who are in position of Pedagogical Coordination of in Municipal Basic Education for youth people and adults. To carry out the analysis and interpretation of the collated corpus were fundamental some studies of Barcelos (2007), Bolzan (2002), Bruno (2009), Conceição (2010), Demailly (1997), Libâneo (2010-2008), Nóvoa (2007), Paiva (2003), Perrenoud (2002), Tardif (2005), Vasconcelos (2005), among others. First, it was possible to understand that the definition of parameters based on the concern to establish communicative links with the Pedagogical Coordination can contribute to the improvement of the action plan of the training guidelines that guide the teaching of professionals from the youth people and adults education. Although the results observed in this study have pointed out that the Pedagogical Coordination should have the observation of teaching practice, the functional progression and the constant updating and training strategies, we note that to date there were no effective actions of this nature in that demarcation of this analysis. Therefore, the need to seek understanding from the direction of criticalreflexive education, going thus beyond the simple analysis of the teaching practices but to give visibility to both the collective work about the experiences resulting from this work.



Corrêa, W. C. Coordenação pedagógica e a mediação da formação docente na educação de jovens e adultos. 2015. 129 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Ensino na Educação Básica) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2015.