Memória e formação de professores leitores: imaginário, subjetividades e afetividades literárias

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research aims to investigate subjective and affective components of literary reading, as a way of contributing to the theoretical and methodological studies in the formation of reading teachers, through the subjectivities and affectivities that involve their memories and memories of literary readings. I have worked with the perspective of mythical, symbolic and scientific studies about memory and its relevance in the training of readers teachers of different areas of knowledge. The subjects that participated in this research are six teachers, four from the Basic Education of the Municipal Department of Education and Sports of Goiânia (SME) and two from the State Department of Education of Goiás (SEDUCE). The objectives of this research were: 1) To investigate how the memories of literary readings and the mediators of readings still involve the participants of the research in the affective and symbolic fields and in their professional choices; 2) Analyze, through the narratives of the participants' memories, their literary reading practices in the classroom and how they manage to involve their students in these practices; 3) To investigate if the literary memories of the teachers surpass the experience of the sensible to arrive at the linguistic enunciation, and how this process occurs. In order to collect data, I focused on the qualitative methodologies of the Focus Group, Cultural History and Oral History, working with some functions that memory can play, among them, memory as work, memory as a possibility to change the present moment and the future, and memory as oblivion. In addition, I worked with analysis of the narrative categories from the studies of the Aesthetics of Verbal Creation of Bakhtin (1997), regarding the discourses and processes of dialogue, interaction and literary literacy of the teachers participating in the research through the "aesthetic event ". The results obtained in this research proved my hypothesis that the literary readings of these teachers and the remembrances made by them contributed and still contribute to their professional training and their work in the classroom. This fact further reinforced my interest in sharing this work on social networks in the form of blog and video and with a didactic sequence of workshops that could allow reaching a larger and more publicized audience.



ALMEIDA, Nadja Karoliny Lucas de Jesus. Memória e formação de professores leitores: imaginário, subjetividades e afetividades literárias. 2019. 276 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ensino na Educação Básica) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2019.