Ensinar a cidade com a linguagem cartográfica: contribuições e potencialidades para o desenvolvimento do pensamento geográfico

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Geography is an important curricular component of Basic Education in Brazil, mainly because the field of studies about the city contributes a lot to our population that is predominantly urban. Although, the hypothesis is that these contents are worked without exploring all its potentiality or the possible critical readings that contribute to de development of students’ geographic thoughts. A possibility to overcome this challenge would be to integrate, on a more critical and constructive way, the cartographic language, on a didactic mediation perspective to reflect about the production of space e about the different reading about the city. Considering such elements, the objective of this research was to perform an investigation about didactic strategies that contribute to the city teaching. In this sense, the investigation had structured from an analyses of main theoretical-methodological discussion about city teaching, cartographic language and geographic thought. In sequence, an analysis was made of how a group of teachers of Goiânia/GO carries out content work in teaching cities, as well as elaborating a proposal for a didactic sequence that integrates the cartographic language on a construction of a geographic view to the students’ urban space. Among the gotten results from the documental analysis and interview analysis, it was verified that the cartographic language is used recurrently only as an instrument of localization of the urban phenomena, making it difficult for the teachers and students make more complex analyses, about the phenomena and the geographic situations inherent to its spatial practices. So, through the strategies used on the didactic sequence, it is observed that, when the city is thought from the contents articulated with the use of the cartographic language, in a critical perspective, it is possible to identify the development of the geographic thoughts. The expectation is contribute to the studies in the field of geographic education, mainly with regard to the city teaching and school cartography. The articulation of these two fields of studies have a lot of potential to the Geography teaching that contributes to the exercise of citizenship.



CESAR, A. P. F. Ensinar a cidade com a linguagem cartográfica: contribuições e potencialidades para o desenvolvimento do pensamento geográfico. 2023. 115 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2023.