A Olimpíada Nacional em História do Brasil (ONHB): contribuições para a aprendizagem histórica de jovens estudantes da educação básica brasileira

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The objective of this thesis is to comprehend the role performed by the National Olympics of the History of Brazil (ONHB), for the development of the historic learning in young students from the brazilian basic education. The ONHB, as it is known, is an activity developed by the History Department of the Campinas State University, had its first edition in 2009, and find itself nowadays, in its fourteenth edition. Over those fourteen years, the ONHB became an activity that have already gathered almost half a million students of the whole country, which dedicated and dedicate themselves to the study of the history of Brazil. Inserted in the field of Historic Education, this research searched find elements, in the execution of the Olympics, which could identify their potentialities for the historical learning. Our group of sources constituted itself i) in narratives, collected by intermediate of instruments collectors of data, answered by fifty-three students and sixty-five professors; ii) in reports provided by the coordinator team of the ONHB; iii) in forty-seven academic works, produced by professors, with their reflections on their experiences on the Olympics. The main focus of this research was to identify in the ONHB the possibilities of the study of history developed by it and the ways of the practical life it can favor. Among the authors that sustain theoretically our investigation, we quote: Isabel Barca (2001); Jörn Rüsen (2001); Maria Auxiliadora Schmidt (2006); Peter Lee (2006); Rosalyn Asbhy (2006). One of the elements founded in our analysis, which guided a substantial part of the research, was the use of the historical sources in the questions of ONHB’s test. Starting from the study and analysis of the use of historical sources in the History Olympics and, therefore, in the history classes in school space, we dialogued with the historical evidence and empathy concepts, characterized as second order concepts (LEE, 2006). By the end of our research, it was possible to verify that the ONHB possesses potent possibilities for the development of historical learning, being necessary a mediator act of history professors, so that the students can answer their lacking orientation in the present time.



PANIAGO, M. A Olimpíada Nacional em História do Brasil (ONHB): contribuições para a aprendizagem histórica de jovens estudantes da educação básica brasileira. 2023. 256 f. Tese (Doutorado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2023.