"O abysmo das suspeitas": as narrativas da Tragédia da Piedade (1909) e a construção do mito de Euclides da Cunha (1866- 1909)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The writer Euclides da Cunha was killed due to a series of events involving Dilermando de Assis, the lover of his wife, Ana Emília, whom he tried to kill to recover his honor, in circumstances that were narrated in different ways, from different memories and became known as the “Tragédia da Piedade”. From this event on, we begin to understand how his narrative and the memory disputes that rise from them contribute to erect Cunha´s image as an ideal of man and intellectual, a myth - and how these constructions come from historical circumstances and the reception of his life, death and work articulated with the performance and creation of traditions of the cultural institutions of which he was part. Being a part of this groups of intellectuals at the service of the same cause (the institution of the Republic as the oficial brazilian regimen and its solidification), is what will allow the space of the myth to Cunha. This work intends to understand how Cunha's mythification become possible due to his position in this institutions (alive and after death), not only from his place in the literary canon or only from the place of literary criticism. This is possible with the analysis of the construction of narratives that affirm his place as an honorable family man, a great intellectual, culminating in his personal mythification and the inscription of his name among the greats of the country. This is due not only to the quality of his work or the circumstances of his death, but also because his peers recognized him and defended him considering that, among them, the value of the cultural traditions they protected was already determined, in a context that they also helped to build – precisely that of the Republic, in a narrative over which they held control (of information, language, vocabulary) from the same sensibilities, the same worldviews.



DAHER, Anna Paula Teixeira. "O abysmo das suspeitas": as narrativas da Tragédia da Piedade (1909) e a construção do mito de Euclides da Cunha (1866- 1909). 2022. 218 f. Tese (Doutorado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2022.