Competência em saúde mental sob a perspectiva de profissionais de saúde que atuam em CAPS

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The Psychiatric Reform began in the mid-1970s as a complex political and social process presenting challenges that need to be debated in the network and territory plans, care, clinic, policy, human resources training in relation to treatment and care of people with mental disorders. The Psychosocial Care Centers are strategic devices to strengthen the Psychiatric Reform, with a more humane look and new forms of care that enable the construction of new knowledge and practices in relation to mental health. Within this construction of knowledge and practices are the skills that can be developed in the process of training or work. This research aims to investigate the conception of competence of mental health professionals working in the Centers for Psychosocial Care in the city of Goiânia-GO. This is a qualitative research with an exploratory approach. The subjects of the research consisted of sixteen health professionals from different categories, among them: psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, pharmacist, music therapist, art therapist, Physical Education teacher, speech therapist and occupational therapist working at CAPS in the city of Goiânia. For the data collection, a profile profile was used. The data show that the profile of the professionals is relatively juvenile (average of forty years), most of them female, all of them being taken on by the Municipal Health Department of the municipality, with a stay in the CAPS for approximately nine years and only 25 % have postgraduate / specialization in mental health. In addition, two focus groups were carried out. For the analysis of data, we used the interpretative analysis. As a result of this study, two articles are presented: article 01 reveals the integrative review on the concept of professional competence, showing that there is no single concept of competence, however pointing to the influence of the main conceptions about competence, from the country or the region of origin, being: French, American, English, Australian and South American. The French concept is the one that presented the most articles revealing the concept of competence as synonymous with articulation, integration and mobilization of multiple knowledges (knowledge, know-how, knowing to be, knowing to engage, knowing to communicate, knowing to live) helpers to solve complex situations and / or decision-making. Article 02 is the study of two focus groups and presents four categories: Training and Permanent Education; Worker (personal characteristics and satisfaction of the CAPS worker); Institutionalization of the CAPS and Work Process, revealing the institutionalization of CAPS competences and that the professional, regardless of the training, has to adapt to them when it will act in that space.



SOARES, Juliana Paula Balestra. Competência em saúde mental sob a perspectiva de profissionais de saúde que atuam em CAPS. 2017. 142 p. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ensino na Saúde) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2017.