Didática x hegemonia: questões teóricas e epistemológicas

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This thesis is linked to the research line “Training, Teacher Professionalization and Educational Work” of the Postgraduate Program in Education (PPGE) of the Education Faculty (FE) of the Federal University of Goiás (UFG), also integrates the Network of Researchers on Teachers from the Midwest (REDECENTRO). We dedicate ourselves to Didactics’ theme, taking as an object of study the relationship between Didactics and Hegemony. Through a qualitative approach, we sought in bibliographic the necessary conditions to carry out the methodological research. We support the Historical-Dialectic Materialism (MHD) as a study method that guides the theoretical, practical, methodological and epistemological understanding of the thesis, guiding us through a critical and counter-hegemonic perspective of understanding the concrete reality and the study’s object. Therefore, our problem questions are: “What is the origin of the relationship between didactics and hegemony? How was the relationship between didactics and hegemony built throughout the history of education and didactics? How do contemporary approaches to didactics understand the relationship between didactics and hegemony? How is this relationship present in the production of current knowledge in the field of didactics present in the last ten editions of GT 04 – ANPED Didactics?”. Through this questioning, we used the category of historicity to build the theory and social context that provided conditions for the emergence of didactics within the context of education and for the epistemological understanding of the concept/category of hegemony. Our general objective is “to understand how the didactic relationship and hegemony can contribute as a revolutionary praxis in human emancipation and in the transformation of society”. The specific objectives are: 1) To understand the concept of hegemony from a gramscian point of view, with attention to the way in which the relationship between education, didactics, hegemony and capitalist society was built throughout historical time, starting from their origins; 2) To theoretically understand education and didactics as powers of transformation or social conformation, based on the relations established with hegemony, through the rescue of the historicity of didactics; 3) Present and analyze the main elements that make up the pedagogical ideas of contemporary approaches to didactics to understand how they understand and how the relationship between didactics and hegemony is set in the following approaches: Didactics of Critical-Social Pedagogy of Contents; Didactics of Historical-Historical Pedagogy criticism; Didactics of Liberating Pedagogy; Developmental Didactics; Multidimensional Didactics; Complex and Transdisciplinary Didactics; Intercultural Didactics; and Sensitive Didactics; 5) To analyze how the current scientific productions published in the last ten editions of the Didactics Working Group (GT 04 – Didactics) of ANPED bring and understand hegemony, didactics and the relationship between hegemony and didactics; as well as reflecting on didactics as a field of knowledge beyond hegemony. To carry out the analysis of scientific productions related to didactics and hegemony over ten editions of ANPED we used the categories used in Historical-Dialectic Materialism, namely historicity, dialectic, alienation, contradiction, among others. The results indicate that the relationship between didactics and hegemony was not present in contemporary approaches to didactics, as well as in the knowledge production of GT 04 – ANPED Didactics.



MOURA, M. V. Didática x hegemonia: questões teóricas e epistemológicas. 2023. 368 f. Tese (Doutorado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2023.