Abordagem histórica do conceito de organismo vegetal na formação de professores de biologia: elementos para superação da impercepção botânica

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Throughout the career, the Science and Biology teacher comes into contact with several challenges. One of them is Botany teaching, a discipline that is usually taught by means of memorization, that is, in a decontextualized manner and by dealing with many names that are difficult to pronounce. This research was based on two aspects, namely: (i) how discussions about plant organisms are carried out in teacher training courses and (ii) how the recovery of the historicity of a concept could expand the domain of the theoretical system related to the Botany area. In this sense, the study aims to reconstruct the logical-historical path of the concept of organism by focusing on plants and questioning their role in the training of Biology teachers. To organize the discussions, the investigation is constituted of three moments. In the first chapter, a bibliographic survey was carried out, using two databases, in an attempt to understand the scenario of Brazilian academic publications with regard to Botany and has to do with teacher education in relation to the History of Science/Biology. In the second chapter, the historical survey of the concept of organism is presented, specifically the plants, in order to understand what the contextual and historical contributions that permeate the concept’s history are. Finally, in the third chapter, it is analysed the Pedagogical Political Projects of the Biological Sciences courses, from Teacher Education courses of three public institutions in the State of Goiás. It is noticed that the production related to the history of Botany is still in its infancy compared to other major areas of Biology. In addition, there are few publications related to teacher education. In relation to the historical survey, the relevance of Botany for the organisation of biological thought and the possibilities of an approach that considers these elements in/for teacher training is perceived. Finally, the analysis of the PPCs indicated that, quantitatively, the courses invest in an “animal” and not a “vegetable” biological discussion. It is argued that looking at the History of Botany from the point of view of research and education can help to overcome its lack of perception.



FREIRE, J. C. Abordagem histórica do conceito de organismo vegetal na formação de professores de biologia: elementos para superação da impercepção botânica. 2023. 153 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação em Ciências e Matemática) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2023.