Um olhar para o céu e para as pedras: conhecimento científico no Lapidario de Afonso X de Castela (século XIII)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This thesis proposes to analyze the medical theory and practice existing in the Lapidary of Alfonso X of Castile deriving out of the ancient theoretical matrices and the scientific knowledge which were articulated and available at the time. This piece is a product of medieval scientific knowledge; in our work, we will emphasize Alfonso’s Scriptorium, which is the production environment of this treatise. This expression discloses both the physical area of the royal court and the body of collaborators and their techniques of the intellectual work of translation. Under Alfonso X’s leadership and participation, this environment established a locus of scientific production by bringing together men of knowledge, Christians, Jews, and Muslims, in an extensive work of translation and interpretation of a whole Greek-Arabic scientific corpus, as well as original scientific production. The fields of knowledge comprised in the Scriptorium ranged from philosophy and theology to mathematics, medicine, and astronomy/astrology above all. In this manner, the Lapidary is the result of the translation from Arabic into Castilian by the Jewish physicist Yheuda Mosca, the Minor, with the collaboration of the cleric García Perez and, also, men of great general and language knowledge, as well as astronomy and medicine. We discuss the scientific knowledge used to develop medical prescriptions aimed at health maintenance and/or restoration: a practical medicine that dialogues with astronomy/astrology as well as with magic through mineralogy, especially for prescribing and cataloging amulets and talismans and manipulating medicines. In the work under review, a treatise on medical practice, there is a wide spectrum of diseases, ranging from skin, acute, and chronic diseases. Throughout his treatises, melancholy and associated diseases are matters of concern, embracing a wide space and a comprehensive deepening level, with both preventive and therapeutic prescriptions.



RABELO, Dianina Raquel Silva. Um olhar para o céu e para as pedras: conhecimento científico no Lapidario de Afonso X de Castela (século XIII). 2019. 195 f. Tese (Doutorado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2019.