As dinâmicas socioespaciais no garimpo de esmeraldas em Campos Verdes/GO - (1981 a 2017)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The research developed in the Post-graduation Program Stricto Sensu in Geography of the Socioenvironmental Studies Institute of Federal University of Goiás aims to understand the sociospacial dynamics of an emerald mining in Campos Verdes/GO. The methodology we used is based on a quantitative survey divided in: bibliographical review (books, theses, dissertations and articles) of authors who approach inherent topics to this research, and also documental survey such as reports, maps and opinions from Research Corporation of Mineral Resources, which, even being official, were not public shared, remaining restrict to the library of the Regional Superintendency of Goiânia. We also used field work to make contacts, create relationships, obtain data and information with people and, thus, achieve better comprehension of the scenario. The study of the triad mining, urbanization and economy is not recent. In relation to Brazil we can date back to the gold cycle, when mining was essential to the beginning of the urban area, allowing urbanizing places never imagined, but which were discovered and inhabited by the colonial population, thanks to mining. Nowadays, the activity is developed in minings similar to the gold cycle, but, fundamentally, by big mineral enterprises. Clark (1982) assures that the interest of Geography in studying urban areas is more or less related to how these areas developed over the years. Campos Verdes/GO fits in the list of cities that were born in focus and its development was dynamic. The city is in the middle of the Cerrado Goiano with around 47,000 permanet habitants and estimated 100,000 floating population. For some years Campos Verdes/GO was consider the world's biggest emerald producer. All this human mobility created a complex society without a defined identity. The emerald is not something produced by men, it is something natural that incorporates the work from the discovery and benefit of it. The city and society of Campos Verdes/GO exist based on mining, a hard, dangerous and, several times, ungrateful work. But the dream of a better life made thes workers ignore all the challenges and move on. The workers who "created" a city and later a settlement, didn't do it because it was their purpose, they did it because they were "induced" by the capital's mobility to go through unimagined paths. Thus, they left behind the life references they had and started creating new ones. In the end, the perspectives of the city of Campos Verdes/GO diverge when speaking of the municipal power and the people, while the first fuss about the profit of mining, the society can't see this benefit. This way, it is necessary and urgent to create mechanisms for this society to keep surviving not only thinking about mining but also in how to do it.



PADUA, W. R. As dinâmicas socioespaciais no garimpo de esmeraldas em Campos Verdes/GO - (1981 a 2017). 2020. 162 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2020.