Função social da propriedade rural: uma regra constitucional

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This article is divided in two stages. At first, it will seek to ascertain which criteria is used in legal theory to differentiate the regulation’s species, usually separated between principles and rules. Two theoretical perspectives will be used: the classic, created between the seventies and eighties by Ronald Dworkin and Robert Alexy, and the conception headed by one of his critics, Humberto Ávila. Considering the theories, it will be established, in the second stage, how the rural property’s social function norm, obtained by interpretation from article 5º, XXII, and article 186, both from Constitution, has the legal nature of rule and not principle, as it is usually claimed.



Agrarian law, Direito agrário, Social function, Principles and rules, Função social, Princípios e regras


TAYER NETO, Pedro Felippe; GONÇALVES NETO, João da Cruz. Função social da propriedade rural: uma regra constitucional. Revista da Faculdade de Direito UFPR, Curitiba, n. 57, p. 181-201, 2013.