O romanismo nas origens da cultura jurídica brasileira

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This work tries to show the romans origins of Brazilian Legal Culture as consequence of portuguese colonization of the territory. To discuss about the historical process of formation of this culture, especially in the colonization of the brazilian territory, its basement is evidenced on jurisprudence of continental Europe, of roman matrices, and its transplantation to the colony. The legal order of the colonizers overrides the normative orders primitive indigenous background. The normativity of african cultures too little, or nothing, instilled in the national legal system. The legacy of Roman jurisprudence is suprassumed in Brazilian Legal Culture. The actualization of the brazilian jurisprudence, to tackle contemporary issues, can not be given effectively and mature if not understood and recognized the roman foundations of our legal culture. There is, at the end of the colonial period, the presence of Roman jurisprudence on ...



Direito brasileiro, Brazilian jurisprudence, História, Direito, History, Colonial period, Roman law, Legal philosophy


COELHO, Saulo de Oliveira Pinto. O romanismo nas origens da cultura jurídica brasileira. Revista do CAAP, Belo Horizonte, v. 2009, p. 515-560, 2009.