O RENAFORM enquanto locus de formação de professores de língua inglesa - um estudo de caso

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In this paper, we present the results of a study carried out in the continuing formation course promoted by The National Net of English Teachers Continuing Formation – RENAFORM (Rede Nacional de Formação Continuada de Professores de Inglês), in one of the poles of the program, located in a medium town in the southwest of the state of Goiás – Brazil. Our general objective was to investigate the perception of the participant teachers as well as those of the teacher educator about RENAFORM. The specific aims were: 1. To understand the assessment made by the participant teachers concerning the course, the teacher educators and themselves (self-assessment); 2. To ascertain the conditions provided for the teachers and teacher educators in the course; 3. To verify the teacher educator’s impressions regarding RENAFORM. As the basis for this study, we used concepts related to teacher formation, such as the teacher as transforming intellectual (GIROUX, 1997), the teacher’s knowledge (TARDIFF, 2002) and the teacher’s identity crisis (NÓVOA, 1998). We used principles of the case study as central methodology. To collect the data, we made use of a questionnaire with close-ended and open-ended questions. The findings point out to a high acceptance of the course by the participants, though it lacks public policies that could magnify and potentialize its reach by foreign language teachers.



RENAFORM, Professores de língua inglesa, Formação de professores, English language teachers, Teacher education


OLIVEIRA, Vitalino Garcia; LAGO, Neuda Alves do. O RENAFORM enquanto locus de formação de professores de língua inglesa - um estudo de caso. Trabalhos em Linguística Aplicada, Campinas, v. 54, p. 183-205, jan./jun. 2015.