Henrique Galvão: um colonialista anti-salazarista do Estado Novo (1929-1949)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


In this thesis, I go through the political trajectory of Henrique Galvão by the axis of his entire intellectual and institutional career: colonialism. Army official and far-right nationalist militant, Henrique Galvão had his first contact with the African continent from a punishment for exile, in Angola. Initially defeated and resentful, from there he began his trajectory as colonial administrator still in the dictatorship resulted from the coup d’état of 28 of May of 1926. As a non-academic specialist in colonial affairs, he used to integrate the Estado Novo (portuguese New State) as one of its main intellectuals, and had been an ideologue and manager of colonialism, initially outstanding as a propagandist. Still occupying positions in the colonial administration, and because of them Galvão will gradually stand against the regime he supported judging there to be flaws in the practical applications of colonial policies. In this way, he broke with the regime and with Salazar, its chief, starting to dissent and becoming a declared opponent. Generally seen as a freedom fighter against dictatorship, which he once supported, Galvão already in exile in Brazil continued political and intellectual activities, attacking either the Estado Novo and the great world powers and the independence determinations of the colonies. After all, in face of all the contradictions and deviations in his trajectory something remained coherent: the colonialist who was adapted to historical contingencies but who remained steady in the hypothesis that the Empire was the "reason of being" of Portuguese nationality and result of its "civilizing mission".



VARGAS, A. L. S. Henrique Galvão: um colonialista anti-salazarista do Estado Novo (1929-1949). 2018. 366 f. Tese (Doutorado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2018.