O gesto profissional docente em creches: o visível e o invisível

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This thesis discusses the teaching work in day-care school centers, in particular, the professional gestures performed by the teachers in the concreteness of real work, questioning the invisibility of the knowledge put into action in schools by those professionals. The general objective is to understand how, individually and collectively, professional gestures are constituted in teaching activity with children aged 0 to 3 years in a Brazilian public day-care school center located in the interior of São Paulo state, Brazil. The research is characterized as a Case Study and has as theoretical-methodological basis the Ergological approach and the Activity Clinic. Eight teachers who work in the municipal public day-care school center participated in the investigation. The field research took place through moments of participant observation and of simple and crossed self-confrontation devices. The text is structured, in addition to the introductory section, in two parts. Part I contains chapters two, three, four and five and aims to present the course of the investigation and the research theoretical framework. In chapter two, the justifications that guided the choice of the empirical field are presented, problematizing the object of study and describing the investigation process stages. In the third chapter, the concepts about the definition of ‘profession’ and the notion of ‘qualification’ are outlined, in order to understand the problem of social recognition of work. In the fourth chapter, we present the theoretical-methodological foundations of Ergology and Clinical Activity, which are the approaches that supported our teaching work analyzes. Chapter five brings a synthetic review of the socio-historical constitution of the teaching profession in day-care center from the moment of its creation and expansion until the present moment, presenting the studies’ contributions about the nature of the teaching work, its knowledge and its specificity. Part II presents the empirical field researched and the participating teachers in the research, as well as the situated analysis of the teaching work. This part comprises chapters six and seven. In chapter six, it is exposed the research results, presenting the empirical field and the participating teachers, opening a discussion about the articulations between prescribed work and real work. Chapter seven deals specifically with the professional gestures. As main conclusions, the study points out four professional gestures in the day-care school center: conducting the routine; guiding affectionate dialogue; care in action; and holding the baby. The constitution of these gestures is permeated by knowledge, values and activity. The teachers' knowledge is woven in a dialectic in which the teachers need to manage the knowledge in non-adherence with the knowledge in adherence. In this sense, two types of knowledge – non-coincident and invested with singular importance – cross the professional gesture: the experience knowledge and the theoretical-scientific knowledge.



SILVA, A. C. G. O gesto profissional docente em creches: o visível e o invisível. 2023. 300 f. Tese (Doutorado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2023.