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    Centro de convivência para idosos: desenho universal aplicado ao paisagismo
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-30) Costa, Danielly Alves da; Pires, Larissa Leandro; Pires, Larissa Leandro; Aguiar, Renata Alves de; Lanutti, Jamille Noretza de Lima
    With the demographic growth of the elderly population, discussions began about the needs to guarantee the health and quality of life of this portion of the population, what to do with the free time that the elderly have after retirement and how this can be used time actively, ensuring sociability, entertainment, leisure, satisfaction and well-being. Another important point that addresses these issues is the elderly person's relationship with their surroundings and how this influences them, how space limitations, which begin to be observed as a result of aging, can be compensated in order to prevent damage and guarantee the quality of life. In this way, the objective is to understand what the individual's physical losses are due to aging, how this affects the relationship and use of spaces and how universal design can be used as a means to compensate for these losses. This work is divided into two stages, being a thorough literature review, seeking to understand the fundamentals of environmental psychology and gerontology and how these can be applied to a landscaping project for a community center for the elderly. As design needs a way to apply concepts, landscaping was defined as a tool to work on concepts and guidelines for ambience, universal design and social design. In stage two, the landscape design methodology adapted to the objective of the work, the needs of users and limitations of the space of the Institution in which the project will be proposed is presented and the results achieved with the project proposal respecting the defined guidelines, where it is demonstrated If it is possible to develop a project for an accessible and aesthetically pleasing garden.
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    Entre linhas e vidas: o bordado como linguagem da memória
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-19) Rocha, Priscila Tolentino; Crillanovick, Quéfren Trindade de Mesquita; Crillanovick, Quéfren Trindade de Mesquita; Novaes, Maristela Abadia Fernandes; Medeiros, Dorivalda Santos
    Handmade embroidery, in addition to being a surface design technique, is, particularly, a form of contemporary personal expression. Over the centuries, embroidery has undergone important historical changes, presented technical evolutions, adapting to the style of each era. The object of study of this work was the handmade embroidery and its relationship with the construction of the feminine, as well as its use as a surface for the creation of narratives of memories and stories. This research aimed to explore how contemporary freestyle embroidery incorporates and reflects personal and collective experiences. The methodology adopted was based on a qualitative approach that directed, in an exploratory manner, the understanding of human experiences, behaviors, emotions and the way in which people interpret and make sense of their lives and how this influences individual creative expression. In this way, the result was an embroidered textile piece that reflects the author's personal experiences, the historical and contemporary context of embroidery, as well as its use in the construction of a decentralized narrative, according to Ursula K. Le Guin’s carrier bag theory of fiction.
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    Do ato fotográfico ao ato autobiográfico
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-24) Carvalho, Thais Torres de; Rodrigues, Manoela dos Anjos Afonso; Rodrigues, Manoela dos Anjos Afonso; Ospina Álvarez, Juan Sebastián; Silva, Odinaldo da Costa
    In this work, I investigate my artistic practice in photography as part of a liberation process, considering my daily experience since childhood, as a girl, teenager, and woman outside the norm. With a lot of hair spread across my body, I always faced people's judgement, my appearance was a reason for exclusion in the classroom groups of girls, to be accepted you had to be beautiful, your appearance was a reason for criticism, and since a long time I soon discovered this. In an autobiographical and self-representation approach to my own body, I seek in photography to break the bonds that have been imposed by society and at the same time encourage other women to free themselves from cycles of oppression. Thus, I make the photographic act an autobiographical act that seeks to emancipate my self-image.
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    Transformando espaços: o uso do design biofílico em ambientes corporativos
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-02-01) Sousa, Polyana Lima de; Pires, Larissa Leandro; Pires, Larissa Leandro; Silva, Viviane Cruz e; Silva, Matheus Lima da
    The present study is research for the development of an mterior project. applying biophilic design in a work environment. with the purpose of integrating nature into the corporate world. The incorporation of biophilia m the corporate environment emerges as an alternative strategy to improve the mental health and well-bemg of employees, im order to mitigate stress levels, increase productivity and transform it into an environment conducive to creatimity. Through bibliographical research, we sought to understand the importance of psychological well-bemg, in work environments, the influence of nature on mental health and how the application of biophilic design in space can improve quality of hfe. Next, two case studies are shown, in which biophilic design was applied through organic shapes, materials and textures similar to those intended for the development of this project. After this, an inrtial analysis of the environment was carried out, aiming to identify potential areas of intervention, and the survey of the users profile, whose understanding guided the choices to meet their needs and preferences. Thus, a renovation and expansion project was developed for a design and architecture office m Goiâma, GO, whose integration of natural elements, light andvvegetation, was essential to transform the space into a balanced and inspiring ecosvstem, acting as a development tool. transformation of the environment.
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    Representação da cultura piauiense através de um baralho de cartas de tarô
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-19) Rodrigues, Emmanuel Jose de Alencar; Rodrigues, Lara Beatriz da Silva Resende; Silva, Wagner Bandeira da; Silva, Wagner Bandeira da; Fraga, Joana; Rocha, Cláudio Aleixo
    This research proposes, through the areas of graphic design, illustration, packaging design and card design – by adapting the method of Joly (1994) and Penn (2002) – to create and illustrate a card game exposing folkloric, historical and cultural themes from Piauí. Based on this, a bibliographical research was carried out on tarot, its terminology, the Major Arcana and what each one represents with the theses of Nadolny (2022), Bartlett (2011) and Nichols (1988). Furthermore, the culture, customs and traditional stories of Piauí were researched, specifically the mythical repertoire – that is, of municipal tales and legends, by using Portelada's (2014) thesis – and developed the visual identity of the project – encompassing the color system and deck’s style– the illustrations, the typography, the front and back design of the cards and a printed prototype. With that, the project sought to combine card games and folklore as a tool for preserving and exporting Brazilian culture through its playful, educational nature and the evocation of the culture, memory and identity of the people of Piauí.
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    Mori: game design na construção de narrativas reflexivas, abordando a efemeridade e o cotidiano
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-16) Santos, Anna Gabriela Alves dos; Freitas, Luisa de Castro; Passos, Ravi Figueiredo; Passos, Ravi Figueiredo; Oliveira, Flávio Gomes de; Gualtieri, Nícolás Andrés
    Games are means capable of transmitting messages and information, and through this, helping to solve problems and transform people’s visions and ideals. With the increasing development of technology, people have started to disconnect from the present, and forget how ephemeral life is. This game design project will propose an indie digital game for computer, as a means capable of solving problems and bringing reflections to the user. In adherence to philosophy concepts, the game aims to bring reflections through exploratory interactions, speeches and thoughts of five distinct characters. In the midst of this, the player will experience a calm and peaceful atmosphere, in addition to experimenting with different visual techniques throughout the chapters, in order to put themselves in the shoes of each character, and interact through puzzles and choices in the narrative. In this way, a bibliographical research was carried out related to game design, to the proposed theme and to the methodological approaches used. The result was a prototype and illustrated screens, based on the requirements established during the project.
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    Redesign da Petrobras: uma abordagem para reconstrução da confiança e da reputação da marca
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-15) Venâncio Filho, André Pereira; Rocha, Marcio Alves da; Rocha, Marcio Alves da; Oliveira, Flavio Gomes de; Canfield, Daniel de Salles
    This capstone project seeks to comprehend the pivotal role of a designer in a redesign initiative that is in harmony with crisis management, aiming to rejuvenate a brand’s reputation. The endeavor integrates the application of time-honored theories of brand design and participatory design techniques, intending to forge a bond with the target demographic, spanning millions of individuals in Brazil and beyond. In essence, this study advocates for the rebranding of Petrobras, the preeminent corporation in the oil and derivatives sector in Latin America.
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    Negritudes em foco: um fotolivro representativo da diversidade e identidade negras
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-15) Silva, Angelo Gomes Pinheiro; Monteiro, Rosana Horio; Monteiro, Rosana Horio; Mendonça, Adriana Aparecida; Silva, Wagner Bandeira da
    This work aims at developing a printed photobook about blackness, whose content was mainly based on the book “O negro visto por ele mesmo” (2023), by Beatriz Nascimento. The photos produced by the author highlight different black identities and their cultural manifestations from an autobiographical perspective, exploring personal family archives and photos taken by the camera of the cellphone, approaching different thematics that added to the construction of the editorial design project.
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    Design editorial e design de serviço como ferramentas de imersão turística
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-15) Brito, Gabriel Silva; Monteiro, Rosana Horio; Monteiro, Rosana Horio; Mendonça, Adriana Aparecida; Silva, Wagner Bandeira da
    This work, inserted in the fields of service design and editorial design, has as its main objective to contribute to the experience of tourists in Chapada dos Veadeiros, in the state of Goiás. To do sowe produce a detailed map of the area, from the kalunga people´s perspective, which will not only guide tourists, but will also highlight the beauty and uniqueness of this tourist destination. The map incorporates editorial design elements to make it visually appealing and informative, including illustrations of local landmarks, information about the region’s flora and fauna, and trekking safety tips.
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    Animação infantil como mecanismo de conscientização educacional
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-19) Sena, Maria Luiza Maciel Serva; Oliveira, Flávio Gomes de; Oliveira, Flávio Gomes de; Rocha, Cláudio Aleixo; Silva, Wagner Bandeira da
    The following project aims to create an animation bible for a children's animated series based on Maria Montessori's teaching methods and studies on the representation of Brazilian children in a changing scenario with the use of animals from brazilian native fauna, mutual respect between educator and student as a feasibility for new life experiences and the feasibility of a future pilot episode.
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    AlmanaQueer: a história das paradas do orgulho LGBTQIAP+ em um almanaque ilustrado
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-16) Silva, Carlos Daniel Soares da; Vidal, Victor de Souza; Passos, Ravi Figueiredo; Passos, Ravi Figueiredo; Rocha, Cláudio Aleixo; Canfield, Daniel de Salles
    The project involves the development of an illustrated almanac that explores the history of the emergence of Pride Parades, a significant milestone in the civil rights struggle of the LGBTQIAP+ community, with the Stonewall Riots serving as a precursor event. The story of the parades, their impact, and other thematic branches are narrated in a dynamic manner, also presenting facts, notable figures, and peculiarities about the LGBTQIAP+ community, utilizing editorial design and information design as guiding principles. Following Ravi Passos' methodological approach (2014), a unique, cohesive, functional, and expressive graphic project was developed, featuring a layout rich in illustrations and photographs, culminating in a printed mockup of the almanac. Additionally, theoretical and historical research were conducted regarding the LGBTQIAP+ community and theme, as well as on almanacs as an editorial publication.
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    EKKO: um quadrinho digital inspirado no universo lúdico de League of legends
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-17) Lima, Clara Oliveira de; Gomes, Gabriel Pereira; Rocha, Cláudio Aleixo; Rocha, Cláudio Aleixo; Franco, Edgar Silveira; Oliveira, Flávio Gomes de
    As comic books (comics) have a strong connection with popular culture as a form of entertainment, communicating with the reader through a rich and diverse visual language. As narratives, they tell stories, convey values, and explore ideas that captivate their audience, serving as both a political and significant product in people's lives. They evolve in response to the culture and technology of societies. Based on this, the present work proposes research into the characteristics and creation of comics, treating them as a product of social design. The focus is on a graphic design project, addressing the creation of a digital comic that will narrate the story of Ekko, a character within the transmedia universe of League of Legends, aligning its narrative with the dynamics of social inequality among classes. The methods employed in the work are relevant to a digital comic design project, encompassing research, creation, and prototyping stages within the dynamics of interaction inherent to digital media.
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    Dribles da história: livro-objeto sobre a representatividade do futebol de campo feminino no Brasil
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-17) Lima, Luaine da Silva; Silva, Maycon Morais da; Canfield, Daniel de Salles; Canfield, Daniel de Salles; Passos, Ravi Figueiredo; Silva, Wagner Bandeira da
    Considering the potential of graphic design to empower movements and the potential of women's field soccer, this project aims to develop an object-book to enhance the representation of women's field soccer in Brazil. Using the method proposed by Passos (2014), the study will be conducted through three stages – starting with delimitation, followed by understanding the design object, and culminating in its development and presentation. The opinions of individuals involved in Brazilian women's field soccer will be gathered, sports editorial design projects – related to soccer – will be investigated, and the main components of the object-book will be identified. This project stands out for combining perspectives from both design and women's field soccer in Brazil, with the goal of creating connections and positively influencing the contexts in which it is inserted, increasing visibility and representativeness, and/or enriching the research base of editorial design in Brazil.
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    Sabi: design de interface ludo-educativa como ferramenta de aprendizagem infantil
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-16) Macedo, Isabella Cristina Santos; Carvalho, Maria Eduarda de Almeida; Souza, Sofia Carvalho de; Passos, Ravi Figueiredo; Passos, Ravi Figueiredo; Rocha, Cláudio Aleixo; Canfield, Daniel de Salles
    Due to constant technological revolutions, the contemporary learning space is no longer reserved solely for the classroom. That being said, this final paper explores the role of graphic design as a coordinator and proposer of innovative solutions in the field of children's learning. Based on the methodological approach of Passos (2014), by reconciling interaction design and user experience with Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences (1993), the objective was to design the interface of a web app suitable for the digital context of contemporary children's learning. Merging ludic with the precepts of social-interactionism, Sabi’s functional prototype, a digital platform that aims to encourage its users to recognize and enhance their skills while learning while having fun with the Sabichinhos, is presented as the result of the research.
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    Tito. Company® brandbook: a gestão da marca
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-17) Pereira, João Victor dos Anjos; Canfield, Daniel de Salles; Canfield, Daniel de Salles; Rocha, Cláudio Aleixo; Bonfim, Rodrigo
    The objective of this study is to develop a brandbook, containing the main elements and guidelines for Tito. Company® brand management. As a methodological procedure, a mix between the brand management method proposed by Wheeler (2019) and the editorial design method by Dick and Gonçalves (2016) was chosen, consisting of the stages of conducting the research, clarifying the strategy, designing the identity , touchpoint creation, asset/concept management, content, functionalities, experience and surface. Tools suggested by the authors were used - management survey, insight, usability testing, marketing audits, competition and language, audit report, focus concentration, positioning, brand briefing, identity system design, look and feel, test applications, presentation, creative briefing, content strategy, touchpoints, brand asset changes, launch, guidelines summary – and added others – parametric analysis, requirements list, brainstorm, low fidelity and medium fidelity prototype , user testing and high fidelity prototype. This final course assignment resulted in the delivery of a brandbook in digital format and a study that can serve as a basis for designers – academics and professionals – in future productions. The motivation for this research is due to the need to address this topic in an up-to-date manner, reporting the entire historical panorama of identity systems and the importance of brand management in the success of companies in the market.
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    Goblinzito: introdução ao universo dos RPGs de mesa por meio de uma história em quadrinhos
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-17) Souza, Laura Schaitl; Moura, Marcos Martins de; Rocha, Cláudio Aleixo; Rocha, Cláudio Aleixo; Franco, Edgar Silveira; Oliveira, Flávio Gomes de
    This project aims to propose and develop a digital comic for mobile devices whose function is to teach people who have a latent interest in tabletop role playing games (RPGs). A generalist proposal is sought, to cover as many common game mechanics from multiple tabletop RPG systems as possible. In addition to introducing the basic concepts of gameplay, in order to immerse new players in this fantasy universe in a gradual, accessible and easy to understand way. For this, the protagonist of the story will be used as a support, an adventurous and spontaneous goblin who uses fourth wall breaks as a resource to communicate with the reader, bringing playfulness as a differential element of the narrative. Therefore, surveys and preliminary research will be carried out in the areas of comics, digital comics, tabletop RPGs and character design and. For the creation of the project’s final product, the methodology of Rodrigo Leôncio Motta (2012) will be used.
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    Design social e educação ambiental: um livro ilustrado e interativo
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-17) Souza Neto, Hélio Celeste de; Santos, Laura Moraes dos; Rocha, Cláudio Aleixo; Badan, Rosane Costa; Oliveira, Flávio Gomes de
    The present work aims at the conceptualization and production of an illustrated and interactive book focused on social design, with a thematic approach to environmental education, specifically about the Cerrado biome, intended for children between the ages of 8 and 11. Additionally, through theoretical research and analysis of similar graphic materials, it seeks to understand and demonstrate how an editorial material, in this case, a book, can contribute to environmental education for children. This project is relevant since environmental education is mandated by law, Article 2 of Law 9.795/1999 (BRAZIL, 1999), and according to Paulo Freire (1983), education is the main tool for change. Moreover, Pazino (2007) and Miyashiro (2011) highlight that design is a tool for social change. Therefore, we aim to demonstrate how graphic design can become a powerful tool for education. To carry out these actions, the methodological approach proposed by Passos (2014) will be employed in the product development.
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    Ilha dos esquecidos: criação de uma história em quadrinhos retratando o apagão no Amapá em 2020
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-18) Farias, Ana Dayanne da Silva; Rocha, Cláudio Aleixo; Rocha, Cláudio Aleixo; Franco, Edgar Silveira; Oliveira, Flávio Gomes de
    This work explores the use of comic books within the scope of social design, highlighting their potential as an effective means of communication to address social and political issues. Based on readings of the works of McCloud (1995), Whiteley (1998) and Costa (2011), the study seeks to understand how a comic, in the context of social design, can critically narrate a specific event, such as the blackout in Amapá. The objectives include understanding the blackout, exploring social design, investigating the methodological processes of comics following Rocha's approach (2023) and the production of the comic "Ilha dos Esquecidos” (Island of the Forgotten) in addition to creating a physical prototype. The justification emphasizes the power of comics as a means of communication capable of transmitting complex, emotional and critical ideas. The relevance of independent comics that address social issues and the importance of social design in contemporary times stands out. The project seeks to provide a platform for the stories of the community affected by the blackout and contribute to a more just, humanized and egalitarian society.
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    Uma jornada épica: o uso dos arquétipos no design de embalagem de perfume inspirado em O senhor dos anéis
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-17) Prado, Aline Viana; Nunes, Maria Fernanda Marques; Canfield, Daniel de Salles; Canfield, Daniel de Salles; Rocha, Cláudio Aleixo; Oliveira, Flávio Gomes de
    Packaging is a communication vehicle that depends on design to convey its message clearly and generate desire in consumers. In this context, perfume packaging is responsible for moving a considerable part of Brazilian consumers, serving as an opportunity for designers to work artistically and conceptually. With regard to the connection with the public, the heritage of archetypes can be seen in the construction of stories and essence marks. Therefore, this work aims to develop the design of a perfume package based on an analysis based on the archetypes of the characters of the iconic films The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. For this, the method of Mestriner (2002) will be used as a basis, with its steps ranging from briefing to implementation, linked to the complement of some research and creation tools. As a result, the aim is to create a medium-fidelity prototype that integrates packaging design and archetypes in order to generate a visual and conceptual experience for the user. In addition, the work implies the contribution and application of its tools in order to enrich packaging design methods and the consequent understanding and practice of archetypes through graphic design.
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    O papel do professor na construção de identidades discentes: pensando o dentro e o fora na experiência do desenhar
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-14) Oliveira, Tatiana Azevedo; Arantes, Kelly Christina Mendes; Arantes, Kelly Christina Mendes; Martins, Alice Fátima; Olivieri, Luiz Henrique Arantes Araujo
    Esta investigación busca discutir y valorar la práctica pedagógica crítica en la formación de la identidad, enfatizando cómo se dan los procesos de construcción de las identidades de los estudiantes y cómo el profesor en mediación con la práctica del dibujo podría contribuir a ese proceso. Para ello se utilizó como metodología la investigación autoetnográfica, interpretando y dando sentido a las narrativas personales, además de un levantamiento bibliográfico. Las reflexiones planteadas posiblemente contribuirán a la ampliación de la visión docente por la importancia del papel del docente en el fomento de la manifestación de las identidades de los estudiantes mediada por la práctica del dibujo.