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    Empresas goianas que exportaram continuamente entre 2016 e 2020: grau de internacionalização e características
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2021-08-12) Lucena, Andrea Freire de; Correia, Ariane Matias; Florentino, Paulo Zhara Mascarenhas
    The article aims to calculate the degree of internationalization of companies from Goiás that continuously exported between 2016 and 2020, understanding their stages of insertions. The research method was statistical, using the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) Transnationality Index and analyzing the frequency of responses from 24 companies to a questionnaire on export activity. The article selected four company internationalization rankings: degree of internationalization, number of destination countries, annual frequency of exports and percentage of exports in relation to total production. It was noticed a confluence in the stages of insertion in the foreign market, centered on the initial stages, and the low degree of internationalization (from 0.04 to 0.333) of the analyzed companies.
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    A evolução do setor sucroenergético no sudoeste goiano e a formação do polo de crescimento econômico
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-08-12) Carvalho, Claudia Regina Rosal; Papanikolopoulos, Ólivar Pedro Alves Moraes; Campos, Flávia Rezende
    This article aims to discuss the evolution of the sugar-energy sector and the socioeconomic characteristics of this sector in southwest Goiás, based on Perroux's theory of poles. Through a bibliographic survey and a qualitative analysis, the data available at IMB, IBGE and SEFAZ-GO were evaluated. It was found that the socioeconomic conditions of the municipalities in the planning region of southwest Goiás served as elements of attraction for the sugar-energy industry, whose process of establishment and evolution of the activity ended up generating polarizing effects, inferring that this sector can be characterized as the driving industry of the region.
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    A integração da economia goiana a partir do sistema ferroviário: uma análise da Estrada de Ferro Goiás e da ferrovia Norte-Sul
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2014-04-08) Campos, Flávia Rezende; Almeida, Denise Vaz
    As the productive activities are not evenly within the territory, the growth process and Brazilian regional occupation was marked by economic concentration, spatial discontinuities and regional inequalities. How minimizer element, means of transport, especially railroads have facilitated various socioeconomic activities, linking centers of production and consumption, with a relevant role in capitalist expansion. The overall objective of this article is to show how railroads located in Goiás ( Goiás Railroad and the North-South Railroad ) have contributed to the integration of the economy, from the theories of regional development according to Hirschman (1961 ), Perroux (1967 ) and Myrdal (1972). The Railroad Ferro Goiás, implanted at the beginning of the 20th century, was an example of a transport route of penetration, integrating part of Goiás to the national economy, with the expansion of the agricultural frontier. In this sense, a favorable perspectives in terms of integration of Goiás economy have arisen with the North-South Railroad in 21st century, which is under construction in the state of Goiás, being a transport corridor between the South Centre and the North-Northeast of the country economically integrating these regions.
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    Estudos de viabilidade econômica da utilização dos óleos e gorduras residuais para produção de biodiesel no Brasil
    (2014-06) Camargo, Rubia P. L.; Carvalho, Claudia Regina Rosal
    The scarcity of non-renewable resources and waste generation causes is done to try to minimize these impacts. The production of waste oils and fats (OGR) and its improper disposal, makes it necessary to use, one being the production of biodiesel, which assists in the production of renewable energy. This article studies examined the economic feasibility of production of Biodiesel by OGR, compared with soybean oil, and checking that the correct logistics, an awareness of the population may result in a biodiesel great quality and at lower cost.
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    Determinantes da duração das interrupções no fornecimento de energia elétrica no estado de Goiás
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2020-04-04) Lauro, Marcos Eduardo de Souza
    The aims of this article are to investigate whether environmental, institutional, structural and seasonal factors have an impact on the energy interruption time in the State of Goiás and if there are differences between these impacts in the Metropolitan Region of Goiânia (REMG) and in the interior of the state. For that, we used the multiple regression analysis, by decomposition of Oaxaca (1973). The main results suggest that the factors investigated impact the quality of electricity, also pointing out significant differences between the duration of interruptions in the interior and in the REMG, being smaller in this group.
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    A finalidade da avaliação de empresas, no Brasil, apresenta viés? Evidências empíricas sob o ponto de vista do desempenho econômico-financeiro
    (2012-09) Cunha, Moisés Ferreira da; Martins, Eliseu; Assaf Neto, Alexandre
    The objective of the survey is to investigate and evaluate whether the projections of economic-financial performance done by Brazilian companies in assessment reports, are, on average, cohesive throughout time. A collection of 10 variables was established, which makes the economic-financial performance. From this, the projections of these variables were collected from the company evaluation reports with the objective of a Public Offer of Acquisition of Shares (POAS) in the period between 2002 and 2008, then compared to those realized. For the realization tests of measures, in paired samples were performed with the application of the t-Student parametric test or the non-parametric Wilcoxon. The results show that the finally, the aim of the voluntary assessment showed a bias of economic-financial over evaluated performance, while the evaluation reports, with the aim of canceling the registers, did not show an under evaluation of the performance.
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    Custo do capital próprio como taxa de desconto na avaliação de empresas no Brasil: evidências entre a teoria e a prática de mercado
    (2014-03) Cabral, Ludmila Lopes; Machado, Camila Araujo; Cunha, Moisés Ferreira da; Rech, Ilirio José
    Firm’s evaluation is potentially practiced and discussed by theoretical. Among the evaluation’s methods the most used is the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), which has success whether the right discount rate is determined. In this method, the measurement of the cost of equity (Ke) is one of the most relevant stages, because of the subjectivity involved. In emergent markets, the measurement of this discount rate becomes harder. The aim of this paper is to verify whether has an adherence between theory and market practice in Brazil about the measurement of Ke in the scope of firms’ appreciation by DCF. The raised hypothesis is that the brazilian market practices of the Ke’s determination to the firms’ evaluation by DCF are consistent with the financial theory. To verify this hypothesis, a documental research among the Firms’ Evaluation Reports, which are presented as Initial Public Offering (IPO) requirement and were registered in Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM) in the years 2005 to 2012, has been done. The sample has found 96 reports that measure the firms’ value by the DCF. The results’ analysis proven the adherence of the methods used by brazilians practitioners and the finance literature about this theme, what lead a non-rejection of the initially purposed hypothesis. Therefore, the evidence found in this paper contribute with researchers, appraisers and who else that have interest in this subject and give more credibility for the information generated by firms’ evaluation in Brazil, qualitatively.
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    O valor da perpetuidade na avaliação de empresas no Brasil
    (2014) Cunha, Moisés Ferreira da; Iara, Renielly Nascimento; Rech, Ilirio José
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    A percepção econômico-financeira do microempreendedor individual em Goiás
    (2014-09) Silva, Maira Jessika Fernandes; Cunha, Moisés Ferreira da; Iara, Renielly Nascimento; Machado, Camila Araujo
    This research had the object of identify the Micro Entrepreneur’s perception in Goias for the possible changes in its financial and economic performance indicators due to its formalization. The sample was a questionnaire applied for the Micro Entrepreneurs that went to SEBRAE – Goias, in Goiânia, between March and May 2013.(). One houndred and nine questionnaires was obtain. The data was analised by thecniques that investigate the independent relation between variables, in this case, Correspondence Analyses and Homogeneity. Based on this analyses, it was noted that the Micro Entrepreneurs of the State of Goias perceived improvements in its financial and economic indicators after its formalizations.
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    Avaliação de empresas no Brasil pelo fluxo de caixa descontado: evidências empíricas sob o ponto de vista dos direcionadores de valor nas ofertas públicas de aquisição de ações
    (2014-06) Cunha, Moisés Ferreira da; Martins, Eliseu; Assaf Neto, Alexandre
    The objective of the survey is to investigate and evaluate whether the projections of economic-financial performance done by Brazilian companies in valuation reports, are, on average, cohesive throughout time. A collection of 10 variables was established, which evidences the financial strategies performance developed by the companies for the creation of value in the projections and compared to those realized in the period between 2002 and 2008, throughout up two periods after the valuation process. For the realization of the tests on the established hypotheses it was carried out tests of measures, with the application of the t-Student parametric test or the non-parametric Wilcoxon. The results show that the projection averages in relation to what was performed are cohesive statistically for the five variables. On the other hand, five variables showed significant differences in the averages. The sectors of chemical products, railroads, and textiles among those analyzed were the ones that more often presented significant differences in the averages. In the comparison by periods, significant differences in the averages appeared in the variables: margins (operating and Ebitda); evolution of net profit and investment rate.
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    Aplicação da análise de clusters em empresas do agronegócio: um estudo de caso na pecuária leiteira
    (2015-12) Santos, Thaís Brugnera dos; Cunha, Moisés Ferreira da; Elias, Cintia Oliveira
    The dairy farming has significant contribution to the Goiás state's economy. In this activity, it is essential knowledge of production costs, as producers are price takers. Among the costs of milk production, the most representative are the costs of feeding the flock. One strategy that can be effective for reducing feed costs is the grouping of the flock which aims to reduce the variability of the nutritional requirements within groups. The objective is to present a possibility of dairy cattle grouping by cluster analysis method,through a case study on a farm located in Goiás . Through the non-hierarchical method K-means , were formed three clusters with similar arrays within each cluster and dissimilar from other matrices of the other clusters.
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    Avaliação de empresas farmacoquímicas: um estudo de caso goiano sobre percepção de valor
    (2015-08) Elias, Cintia Oliveira; Cunha, Moisés Ferreira da
    A value-based management, which is a tool of modern management, using companies’ valuation assumptions, has aimed to optimize the value of the entity. The pharmacological activity currently contributes to the leverage of GDP in Goiás presenting itself as the ideal object concerning value, to manage it is crucial in order to make the best business decisions. Companies that create value above the average of its competitors offer competitive advantage, what should reflect the ability of managers to make choices The quality of decisions, both in terms of investments, as well as of financing, guarantee the perpetuity and progress of the company to maximize its value to the owners. Thus, this research aimed to analyze the knowledge of managers regarding the assessment of value-based companies, the perception of value as well as their drivers. In order to achieve this goal, we used the methodology of the case study, using a questionnaire and interviews, with the aim of identifying some key points concerning the analysisof the perception of value. As a result, it was found that managers generally have a misconception about value.
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    Avaliação de empresas: uma análise sob a óptica do "viés de avaliação" nos laudos de oferta pública de aquisição de ações
    (2015-08) Santos, Thaís Brugnera dos; Cunha, Moisés Ferreira da
    The process of valuation of companies is widely used and aims reach the fair value of the company. This research aimed to examine whether in the valuation reports with the purpose of Public Offer of Acquisition of Shares (POA) the relationship between appraisal companywith the evaluation contractor cause bias in the fair value of the share compared to the share price. The analyzed 106 reports published between 2002 and 2013 were divided into groups according to the evaluation contractor. In each group, for the realization tests of measuresin paired sampleswere performed with the application ofnon-parametric Wilcoxon test. The results showed the existence of bias in the evaluation process especially in situations in which the contractor evaluation is the company evaluated. With a lower level of confidence, it was also the finding of bias when the contractor evaluation is not company evaluated or the parent company of the evaluated. In the group in which the contractor evaluation is the parent company of evaluated no bias was identified.
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    Avaliação de micro e pequenas empresas: a percepção do micro e pequeno empresário no estado de Goiás sobre o valor da empresa
    (2016-04) Silva, Maira Jessika Fernandes; Cunha, Moisés Ferreira da
    This research propose to identify the entrepreneur perception of firm value in micro and small companies in Goiânia, State of Goias. To this end, a survey was applied to 33 micro and small entrepreneurs in the metropolitan area of Goiânia. The data analysis use descriptive statistics, correspondence analysis techniques (Anacor) and Homogeneity Analysis (Homals).The findings show that the micro and small entrepreneurs generally do not know the firm value concept as it is explored by the finance literature. Based on this evidence, it is necessary the commitment of firms and public entities to support and guide owners of micro and small enterprises on the firm value in order to improve their performance, create and maximize value.
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    A atuação da controladoria em uma empresa de médio porte: um estudo de caso
    (2008-12) Machado, Lúcio de Souza; Machado, Michele Rílany Rodrigues; Santos, Eduardo José dos
    This paper investigates whether Controllership functions performed by a middle size organization located in Goiás state is in adherence to the guidelines established in the literature. The analysis was based on the Controllership functions proposed by Almeida, Parisi and Pereira (2001). In 2006, the organization being investigated started using Controllership in order to improve the decision information system, and this service was outsourced from a consulting and advising company, which was rather innovating in terms of decision making. The data collection relied on a structured interview with the Controller. The findings revealed that the Controlling was created without defining key elements such as mission and function. Furthermore, the functions performed by the Controlling are not directly related to those proposed by the cited authors.
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    Aderência às normas internacionais de contabilidade pelas empresas brasileiras
    (2012) Freire, Mac Daves de Morais; Machado, Michele Rílany Rodrigues; Machado, Lúcio de Souza; Souza, Emerson Santana; Oliveira, Johnny Jorge de
    In Brazil, the convergence process to international accounting began with the changes of the corporate law (6404/76), fomented by the laws 11638/07 and 11941/09. The Brazilian tax law has always influenced the accounting practice. But the new legislation allowed the complete separation of accounting and tax criteria for asset valuation. The present study aims to answer the following question: In case of changes in the existing legislation and regulation, but with the possibility to adopt alternative practices, would companies follow the new practices instead of the former ones, leading to a fully identical accounting practices and regulations, as for the depreciation criteria? In this regard, we performed an empirical study on Brazilian companies listed in BM&F Bovespa. The results indicated that a high percentage of companies have adopted new practices. However, companies using tax rates for calculating the depreciation of fixed assets were identified.
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    Evidenciação e divulgação das práticas contábeis aplicadas aos ativos imobilizados e intangíveis, por entidades localizadas em Goiás, sob a ótica das IFRS
    (2014-03) Machado, Lúcio de Souza; Floresta, Murilo Santos; Machado, Michele Rílany Rodrigues
    Due to the enactment of Laws 11.638/07 and 11.941/09 several changes have occurred in the accounting scenario after the changes introduced in the Brazilian corporate legislation, culminating in the convergence of Brazilian standards to international standards (IFRS). This study is aimed to determine the degree of compliance with new accounting rules for fixed assets and intangible assets, including finance lease (leasing) and the impairment test, concerning aspects of disclosure. Through a descriptive and documentary analysis, we analyzed the financial statements of 35 companies that reported their financial statements in 2010, for the period January-November 2011 in newspapers of general circulation in Goiânia-GO. The survey showed that 18 of the 35 companies analyzed (51.42%) published their statements inaccurately. The analysis in fixed assets showed that few companies responded to the questions presented and privately held companies stood out in compliance. As for the intangible asset and the impairment test the attendance rates were lower than those of fixed assets. Moreover, the result is most surprising, it reveals that 18 of the companies excluded from the analysis 7 (38.89%) have their statements audited.
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    Custo de oportunidade para a parte autora em processos judiciais eletrônicos: um estudo na Procuradoria da União em Goiás
    (2014-10) Machado, Michele Rílany Rodrigues; Silva, César Augusto Tibúrcio; Machado, Lúcio de Souza
    The research aimed to measure the opportunity cost for to the plaintiff in electronics legal proceedings, considering the presentation of calculations by the Union Attorney in Goiás (PU-GO). We analyzed data from 654 legal proceedings from the period of January, 2007 to December, 2010, through a quantitative approach. The opportunity cost was measured by the rate of return, according to Brealey and Meyers (2003), and Assaf Neto (2003). The internal rate of return calculated for proceedings in which the plaintiff contested the calculations of PU-GO was positive in 3.23%, showing a gain for the contesting party. The average tests indicated that the calculations of PU-GO are significantly higher for the parties who agreed with them. Concerning the gender of the plaintiff, both the value received and the deadline for receiving are higher for the parties of male gender.
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    Variáveis que influenciam no desempenho financeiro dos egressos de contabilidade: um estudo em uma instituição de ensino superior do estado de Goiás
    (2014-12) Machado, Lúcio de Souza; Machado, Michele Rílany Rodrigues; Carvalho, Claudia Regina Rosal; Freire, Mac Daves de Morais; Souza, Emerson Santana de
    This research aims to identify at what level academic achievement, as well as some socioeconomic variables influence the financial performance of the graduates in accounting course from an institution of higher education in Goiás. To give support this goal, we started with the following problem question: how academic performance, as well as other socioeconomic variables of gender type, work experience prior to graduation, age and marital status influence effectively in determining the financial performance of graduates in accounting? The methodology is characterized as descriptive; about the research procedures as survey and how to approach the problem as quantitative. A survey of data between the graduates of Accounting course of an institution of higher education of the State of Goiás formed from 2004 to 2009, using an econometric model to the data, as well as parametric and non-parametric statistical tests were performed. The results obtained using the econometric model showed that the only significant explanatory variable individually was the experience of graduates in accounting. These results corroborated the theory Mincer, in 1974, and human capital, evidencing that both the experience and age are reflected in the determination of remuneration. Furthermore, the results demonstrate that differences in salaries of graduates accounting depend on the level of accumulated knowledge, which generates work experience and can also generate changes in determining the occupational and social mobility, which is defended by the theory of market segmentation.
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    Formação do auditor nas instituições de ensino superior e a capacitação profissional nas firmas de auditoria
    (2014-04) Machado, Lúcio de Souza; Guerra, Fernanda Miranda; Machado, Michele Rílany Rodrigues
    This study aimed to diagnose the characteristics of the teaching of audit in Accounting’s course of Institutions of Higher Education of Goiânia and Aparecida de Goiania, comparing it with the requirements of large audit firms, which are part of so-called Big Four, in training of its auditors. We observed the programmatic contents, the academic qualification and experience of teachers, defined workloads and suggested bibliographies in the courses. Regarding to the questionnaires sent to the four major audit firms, the two responses were received. Among the 12 colleges that have the course in Accounting, with classroom teaching and classes formed, nine responded to requests for information. The research revealed a lack of experience in auditing of some teachers, while, in the opinion of managers, it is extremely important in the teaching discipline. The study also showed the important role of international standards on auditing in its teaching (still according to the managers of companies), which despite its content, in most cases are present in the form of topics in the programmatic contents of the subjects, not there are direct citation of technical and personal standards of auditor.