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    O princípio da seletividade tributária: entre a essencialidade e a capacidade contributiva
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-21) Moraes, Matheus Rocha de; Motta, Maria Carolina Carvalho; Motta, Maria Carolina Carvalho; Freitas, Vitor Sousa; Gassen, Valcir
    The present work focuses on the Principle of Tax Selectivity. Specifically, it discusses the concept and theoretical delimitation of this Principle based on constitutional silence and doctrinal and jurisprudential indefiniteness. Thus, the principiological conflict is exposed, leading to selectivity sometimes directed towards the consumer and other times towards the essentiality of consumption. For this purpose, two doctrinal perspectives of the implementation of Selectivity were analyzed - Essentiality and Ability to Contribute. Additionally, the present study presented the effects of the conceptual indefiniteness of the Principle of Selectivity in achieving its objectives, such as equality, social and fiscal justice, human dignity, and progressivity. In this sense, excessive taxation on feminine consumption served as a paradigmatic case, allowing for the visualization of the regressive role of the conceptual indefiniteness of Selectivity in the Brazilian tax framework.Finally, a jurisprudential study was carried out, aiming to synthesize the debate on selectivity in the Federal Supreme Court, based on the analysis of Extraordinary Appeal (RE) n. 714.139/SC and Extraordinary Appeal (RE) n. 606.314/PE.
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    Acordo de não persecução penal: uma análise empírica do avanço da justiça penal negociada na cidade de Goiás, no período de 2021 a 2023
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-22) Pires Filho, Marcelo Gonçalves; Ferreira, Allan Hahnemann; Ferreira, Allan Hahnemann; Andery, Fernanda Rezek; Oliveira, Roberta Caiado de Castro
    This monograph aims to present and discuss about the Criminal Non Prosecution Agreement, a device in favor of negotiated criminal justice that was introduced in the national legal system through Law Nº. 13.964/2019, which deals with legal measures that change the Criminal Legislation and Criminal Procedure. Based on clarifications about the ANPP through bibliographical research, the work will be conducted for an empirical analysis of the Criminal Non-Prosecution Agreements signed in the district of Cidade de Goiás, observing what were the impacts, requirements and sanctions listed by them, thus aiming , identify whether the application of the device has been effective and fulfilled for the purpose that was created, which is the decriminalizing measure that seeks speed and integrity, thus unburdening the judicial machine.
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    Mulher, carreira e estereótipos: análise sobre as delegadas da Polícia Civil do estado de Goiás
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-14) Duarte, Ana Laura Correia; Motta, Maria Carolina Carvalho; Motta, Maria Carolina Carvalho; Arbués, Margareth Pereira; Andery, Fernanda Rezek
    This research seeks to study and understand, based on data from theoretical and empirical research, the difference in numbers between women and men in the career of a Civil Police xerifes in the state of Goiás, focusing on the discrepancy in admission and, consequently, in ascension of them in this position of power, through the theory known as the glass ceiling. For this, interviews and questionnaires were applied directly with PC GO xerifes (after prior approval by the Ethics Committee of the Federal University of Goiás), together with the analysis of data previously extracted from the website of the Secretariat of Public Security, the Civil Police and the Portal da Transparência do Estado de Goiás. Thus, the position is presented in context with the Brazilian judicial police and its leadership position, focusing on the general objective of analyzing inequality that deals with gender and the conceptions of historical sexism, domination and patriarchy, together with the sexual division of labor and its reflection in gender labor inequality. The analyzes made it possible to understand that there are no affirmative actions to reduce the imbalance of representation in terms of gender and that there are no effective measures to resolve the issue, but rather factors that increase and maintain the discourse that women are the weaker sex.
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    Adaptação do direito brasileiro à tecnologia da bitcoin e demais criptomoedas: o Brasil alinhado a novas formas de troca de valor
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-17) Marques, Pedro Henrique Ribeiro; Motta, Maria Carolina Carvalho; Motta, Maria Carolina Carvalho; Garcia, Bruna Pinotti; Vieira, Arlete Gomes do Nascimento
    Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other digital assets have been gaining increasing prominence in the current economy and society, being considered a digital revolution that impacts various sectors, including the tax domain. In the Brazilian context, the regulation and taxation of cryptocurrencies are still evolving topics, with many open questions. In this regard, the choice of this topic for the dissertation is justified by its relevance and timeliness, as well as the need to comprehend how cryptocurrencies will be treated under Brazilian tax law. Some initiatives have already been taken by the Brazilian government to address this issue; however, many questions still remain unanswered, such as the possibility of tax exemptions in certain situations and the necessity of taxation in mining operations and other fields to be explored by lawmakers. The research is bibliographic, based on a search of doctrines and jurisprudence related to business law, taxation, theories, and laws concerning cryptocurrencies at both the national and international levels. The method used is deductive, as it begins by understanding the overall context of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general to provide a foundation for the main question: how can Brazilian Law act in this field? Essentially, the aim is to understand the issue from an extensive context and then narrow down to the specific question that gives meaning to the project.
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    Execução extrajudicial da Lei 9.514/97 e leilões frustrados: enriquecimento ilícito de credores?
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-15) Ribeiro, Júlio César Dâmaso; Garcia; Costa, Andréa Abrahão; Costa, Andréa Abrahão; Garcia, Bruna Pinotti Garcia; Ornelas, Sofia Alves Valle
    Law 9.514, of November 20, 1997, deals with fiduciary alienation and, among several aspects, established the fiduciary alienation of immovable property. This law made a significant contribution to guaranteeing the payment of a credit assigned to the debtor by the creditor. In this way, the current law aims to protect the creditor from the possible default of the debtor, guaranteeing the payment of the debt. However, the consolidation of the property by the fiduciary creditor may - in some cases – constitute an illicit enrichment (art. 88 of Law 10,406/2002), considering the debt amount and the market value of the alienated property, and the market value of the alienated property must be greater than the assigned credit. From the default of the debtor, the execution procedure takes place and, in the future, the consolidation of the property. That said, the problem and analysis of the subject lies in the possible illicit enrichment of the fiduciary creditor, when consolidating a property that has a market value greater than the executed debt after the auction attempts have been exhausted (article 27, paragraph 5 of Law 9.514/ 1997), in addition to deepening the complex financial situation of the executed debtor. Therefore, the work intends to contribute to the reflection on the improvement of extrajudicial executive procedures in fiduciary alienation, with a focus on the consolidation of the debtors' properties in the event of frustration of the auctions carried out in public auction, observing the principle of the lowest cost of the debtor and the practice of illicit enrichment, based on the descriptive work methodology, with the use of bibliographical research and jurisprudential survey.
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    Abrindo as cicatrizes do estado brasileiro e descortinando suas ações em atenção à fissura labiopalatina
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-14) Pinheiro, Vitor Luan Barros; Stabile, Patricia Basilio Teles; Sousa, Regina Sueli de; Castro, Alessandra Gomes de; Tavares, Silvana Belline; Stabile, Patricia Basilio Teles
    The study for the presentation of this monograph of the Social Work Course at the Federal University of Goiás was carried out from December 2022 to April 2023 and has as its object the cleft lip and palate, a craniofacial anomaly that affects a significant number of people in Brazil. The epistemological basis adopted for structuring this study was dialectical historical materialism, given that this approach provides an analysis that seeks to understand the essence of the object of study in its integrity and historical dynamics. In this direction, the general objective of this study was to understand the genesis, development and clinical and social complications related to cleft lip and palate. For the production of research data, bibliographical and documental research and field research were used. In the field research, a semi-structured interview via the Google Forms online platform was applied as a research instrument within the ethical principles and subsidized by the Informed Consent Form (TCLE) after approval of the research project on the Brazil Platform, in this way they participated in the research 117 people (people with cleft lip and palate and their family members) from all Brazilian regions intentionally chosen for acceptability. The study presents a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced by patients with this condition. The concentration of specialized institutions in the Southeast region and the scarcity of these institutions in other regions of the country, together with the lack of public policies and the provision of specialized services, were identified as factors that significantly impact access to rehabilitation treatment for people with clefts. labiopalatine in Brazil. The research also showed outdated public information and inaccessibility in public policies, in addition to the pathology not being included in policies aimed at people with disabilities. These research findings reveal a series of challenges faced by patients and their families, as well as an urgent need to improve health policies regarding the treatment of cleft lip and palate.
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    Hegel: a filosofia da história se efetiva com a história filosófica
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-22) Sousa, Wanderson José de; Morais, Júlia Sebba Ramalho; Morais, Júlia Sebba Ramalho; Silva, Márcia Zebina Araújo da; Ribeiro, Silvio Carlos Marinho
    One of the main themes of Hegelian philosophy is to comprehend the present and the development of life in its determinateness in the present, the real in its determinateness. With this characteristic, Hegel delved not only into his own time but also approached History philosophically. From these inquiries, the first chapter will focus on the possibility of realizing reason under the emergence of a new era, which was termed the "modern era". Thus, we seek to distinguish this era from the preceding time, and in doing so, the rise of an institutional model that materialized and transformed over time into the modern State. In other words, we will research the genesis of this alternate time that allowed this realization to manifest in the space/time that Hegel will address as modernity. For this, we rely on the readings of Koselleck (), Habermas, and Marcuse. In the second chapter, our focus is to establish a mediation between the philosophy of history and the development of historical consciousness through the path of freedom, and we also aim to understand the dialectical sense of history for Hegel. Finally, in the third chapter, we will study the realization of the idea of Freedom in the State and how it becomes effective as a movement in History. This is done in order to identify this realization under laws and rules conceived for the regulation of human life and its development, under certain conditions inherent to the forces of a time, with free will as the exercise of human will, expressed through Freedom which, in turn, is conditioned by the historical time itself.
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    Do suplício ao cárcere: inflexão das práticas punitivas segundo Foucault
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-17) Nascimento, Hyanael Andrade de Freitas; Oliveira, Cícero Josinaldo da Silva; Oliveira, Cícero Josinaldo da Silva; Morais, Júlia Sebba Ramalho; Castanheira, Marcela Alves de Araújo França
    The present work aims to discuss, from the Foucauldian philosophy, the problem of power relations with a focus on the genealogy of punitive practices present in the work Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison. The careful and systematic investigation of the political ceremonial of torture aims to understand the particularity of this punitive system and aims, at the same time, to establish a contrast with the innovations of disciplinary practices established in conjunction with prison. Finally, having established the general framework of changes in modern punitive power, we will seek to analyze Foucault's understanding according to which prison operates as a kind of laboratory or an “exhaustive disciplinary apparatus”; the exemplary form of power exercised over individuals in the so-called “classical modernity”.
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    A apresentação da pergunta sobre o ser e a significação de “ser” no início de Ser e tempo
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-31) Santos, Marcos Crispim; Ribeiro, Silvio Carlos Marinho; Ribeiro, Silvio Carlos Marinho; Morais, Júlia Sebba Ramalho
    In the development of my monograph I will seek a way to understand the presentation of the question about Being and the meaning of Being at the beginning of Being and Time. I intend to outline the way in which Heidegger develops, at the beginning of Being and Time, the need to return once more to the problem of being. From this analysis of being and the opening of Dasein to being. According to Heidegger, even so, the lack of an answer to the question about the sense and meaning of being is due to the fact that the question has been forgotten. According to Heidegger even the question itself is obscure and needs a more adequate explanation. Therefore, it is necessary to resume the question and rephrase the question for the meaning of being. For it is necessary to clarify the question of being under a new direction.
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    Da feira a praça: um diálogo entre o comércio e o lazer
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-16) Pinto, José William Azevêdo; Sant’Anna, Camila Gomes; Sant’Anna, Camila Gomes; Huguenin, João Paulo Oliveira; Cruz, Leandro de Souza
    The existence of a public space, intended for leisure, in an area of constant changes in its use and the insertion of commercial and street activities for boost development and speculation, permeate findings about the creation hegemonic areas of mixed use concentrated along large circulation routes population and the historical performance of these activities in the formation of the urban fabric. It is idea of function and use, the analyzes surrounding the areas of the square and the fair, which are inserted in places of economic and social centrality existing in the neighborhood of João Francisco, generating reflections about the possibility of providing a revitalization in the function and structure of the public space in order to cover characteristics of mixed use, permanent and ephemeral, integrating the fair in nearby roads in order to maintain a lively dialogue.
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    Centro de convivência e referência para idosos, cidade de Goiás
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-04-13) Avelino, Thaynara Bezerra Severo; Ramos, Gabriel Teixeira; Ramos, Gabriel Teixeira; Bessa, Suzete de Almeida; Ferreira, Victor Moura Soares
    The present work aims to develop architectural and landscape spaces aimed at providing a service of excellence for the elderly population of the municipality of Goiás and region. With this, the aim is to improve the quality of life and well-being of the project's target audience, considering that, according to IBGE data, this portion of the population has been increasing over time around the world. Thus, it is proposed the implementation of a Center of Reference and Coexistence for the elderly. Land studies were carried out in places with different potentialities, looking for the area that most satisfies the guiding principles. These were listed in the case studies, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the cases analyzed with a focus on the well- being of the Vilaboense population, with emphasis on the older part. For this, the project developed studied plots and chose an underused land belonging to the Federal University of Goiás. The demand for the choice of location is reinforced, due to the area not fulfilling its urban and social function. The project was based on the concept of preserving nature and the sights focused on the natural elements of the landscape, such as hills and mountains. In addition, it proposed the stimulation of social interaction and well-being, through contact with nature, the creation of permeable areas, the diversity of openings and natural lighting. The design solutions met regional demands, promoting Vilabo's quality of life, especially for the project's target audience, holders of the traditions and collective memories that make this city a heritage of humanity.
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    Insular: uma proposta de hotel fazenda sustentável em João Pinheiro - MG
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-15) Oliveira, Fernanda Batista; Borges, Ariane Magda; Borges, Ariane Magda; Sant'Anna, Camila Gomes; Silva, Fernanda Nonato da
    The work consists of understanding the relevance of leisure linked to sustainability and the preservation of the environment, which is directly associated with rural tourism. This leisure mechanism also promotes an escape from the urbanized reality and, in this study, the appreciation of the culture of Minas Gerais. Therefore, it is proposed the implementation of a Hotel Fazenda, in order to highlight the experience of this type of accommodation. In addition, there is a concern with the future needs of civil construction to adapt to environmental issues, based on sustainable aspects. The land chosen for the implementation of the project is located in the city of João Pinheiro, Minas Gerais and is bathed by the Rio da Prata. With this in mind, it is extremely important to consider the specificity of the land, valuing the existing natural watercourse and its surroundings, in order to highlight the importance and need for environmental preservation.
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    Moradia estudantil em Goiás: arquitetura participativa
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-17) Cesare, Bruno Carvalho De; Rezende, Wagner de Souza; Rezende, Wagner de Souza; Borges, Ariane Magda; Rabelo, Frederico André
    Educational institutions are crucial for the development of young people in the country. country. In relation to students who are unable to afford to stay in a university and in a university and would not complete higher education, there is student housing as an essential student housing as essential aid equipment. Since public higher education public higher education in Brazil is linked to resistance and politics is worth analyzing the student revolutions. As well as the same period the revolutions in the thinking of the architecture from the introduction of user participation in the process of architectural architectural decision process and the valorization of the user's experience and action as a protagonist of architecture. In view of this importance with a basic effect it is necessary to analyze the history of this production in Brazil its origins and the scarce specimens designed for such use. In view of this, the essay on student participation in student housing in goiás through a questionnaire. This launches guidelines and a first analysis on housing with an auxiliary bias in the first considerations. Based on this the final intention of the work and carry out a proposal for student housing in the city of Goiás with a project thought from the beginning with the participation of students of an equipment aimed at covering multifunctionality also benefiting the local population.
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    Escola Bosque: uma instituição educacional para crianças da inclusão da rede municipal de Aparecida de Goiânia - GO
    (Universidade de Goiás, 2023-02-27) Andrade, Ana Julia Vieira; Rezende, Wagner de Souza; Rezende, Wagner de Souza; Borges, Ariane Magda; Pereira, Octávio Scapin Costa
    The educational environment is the child's first contact with society and the main space for their development as an individual in a cognitive, cultural and social way. For the child who has a special need, which does not make him different, it just requires an extra demand for attention and assistance for his full academic development, there is the Specialized Educational Service. In view of this, it is possible and necessary to analyze and think about the architectural characteristics of institutions that offer this type of service and how this can help in teaching and in the experiences within the environment. In the following work, an overview was initially carried out regarding Special Education in Brazil and Specialized Educational Assistance. With this contextualization, a case study of a Municipal Inclusion Support Center is produced from technical visits and interviews with professionals in the areas, thus mapping the reality in a direct way. Based on this, the final purpose of the work is to start the proposal of an institution designed from the beginning for the educational service to children of inclusion that offers a space with an environment and structure that adequately meets all demands.
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    Arquitetura escolar infantil: a importância das escolhas arquitetônicas para estimular o aprendizado da criança
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-15) Correia, Millena Rosa Cardoso; Hirao, Flavio Higushi; Oliveira, Karine Camila; Oliveira, Karine Camila; Hirao, Flavio Higuchi; Bessa, Suzete Almeida de; Silva, Fernanda Nonato da
    Children increasingly lose their spaces in the midst of increasing urbanization and yet school projects are not carried out sensitively and appropriately for this audience, where children can learn, interact and play safely. We will see that early childhood education (today covering the age group from 0 to 6 years) has historically gone through neglect, being belatedly recognized as the right and duty of the child. Within this problem, a school institution also has its delays in its architecture because often the physical space does not follow the development of pedagogy, in addition, the work proposes to understand why the traditional method of teaching should be reformulated along with the school project usually proposed, starting from the critique on the form of creation of the rigid and closed spaces that hinder the psychomotor development of the child. All concepts, strategies and indications described in the work define the architecture that will be developed: humanized, interactive and finally, adequate. It is not intended to establish a specific pedagogy that will be used in architecture, but to propose a building that contemplates methodologies that have humanized, interactive and appropriate characteristics to the scale of the child body (which will be presented in the text) so that their proposals are met through space, providing a fundamental strategy that schools need to have: the pedagogical proposal and the physical space complementing each other for the child’s learning.
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    Possíveis mudanças na residência unifamiliar pós pandemia: um protótipo sob a perspectiva da neuroarquitetura
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-24) Queiroz, Nathalia Souza; Bessa, Suzete Almeida de; Bessa, Suzete Almeida de; Borges, Ariane Magda; Arrais, Heitor do Nascimento
    The production of residual spaces is a feature common to the most diverse cities, despite all the efforts of urban planning and its contributions to territorial organization. Residual urban areas are characterized by the prior and specific lack of definition of uses, they are often rejected, but tend to welcome social, artistic and cultural groups and manifestations that are unable to establish themselves in other parts of the cities. Therefore, they are spaces endowed with potential and that are always waiting for experiences and appropriations. In this sense, it is assumed as the object of study of this research a right of way corresponding to electric power transmission lines, located in Itumbiara - GO. Such residual spaces, divided into five large plots of land, confront four distinct neighborhoods and, despite not receiving full control actions by the municipal public power, they shelter various appropriations and natural and popular manifestations. In this way, the present research aims to recognize, through the experience of direct immersion in space, aspects and latent potentials of the right of way, as well as to identify the collaborations of walking practices and their sensitive records for future analyses, design studies and interventions. Thus, this work was carried out using the following methods: bibliographic research, on the main concepts covered (residual areas and direct experience), cartographic surveys, case studies and, especially, field trips, based on Guy Debord's drifts and on the psychogeography, enabling a non-objective reading of space, but made through the senses. These readings were expressed in textual images that make up the “Walking Diary” and in photographic images that appear in the attached material “Andanças”. In view of these considerations, it is expected that the work will contribute to future research on residual areas in the urban fabric and its sensitive relationships with the community and that it can also serve as support material for future intervention projects that may be carried out in the city Itumbiara easement strip.
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    CEAPS – ressignificar: centro de apoio para cidadãos da rua em Franca - SP
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-13) Barcelos, Júlia Gabriella Ferreira; Sant’Anna, Camila Gomes; Sant’Anna, Camila Gomes; Santos, Jana Cândida Castro dos; Paes, Carina Folena Cardoso
    Social inequality is one of the biggest problems faced today, especially in Brazil; one of it’s reflexes is the number of people who are on the streets, daily exposed to situations of violence and prejudice, in different contexts and realities, becoming vulnerable due to lack of support and inclusion in society. This is confirmed in the cities of the interior of São Paulo, as the case of Franca, where the hygienist processes as a way to solve the current scenario, translated into urban operations, cause more social segregation and do not improve the quality of urban life of these groups of people road. There fore, this final project proposal aims to understand the needs of this public with the elaboration of a proposal for a Support Center Project for homeless people, with humanized and welcoming environments, being encouraged to experience living spaces integrated to áreas green, with assistance in meeting their basic, educational and social needs for reintegration into the social environment.
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    Arquitetura da saúde, uma proposta contemporânea na cidade de Goiás
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-04-14) Braga, Iago Matheus Borges; Gonçalves, Pedro Henrique; Gonçalves, Pedro Henrique; Borges, Ariane Magda; Paes, Carina Folena Cardoso
    The present Final Course Work (TCC II) brings the contemporary design proposal of a Health Care Establishment (EAS), which would be managed by the government in a space full of memory (“City of Goiás”). By putting this issue in debate, it seeks the design challenge of creating environmentally comfortable, humanized spaces that provide human and mental comfort to its users and consistent with current sanitary and environmental regulations. With the potential to relate in a harmonious way with the local population and their respective region, thinking this equipment beyond an essential tool in the healing process, but also as an element of urban daily life and Vilaboense narrative. To this end, this project brings tectonics as a concept, the life that emanates from the ground and is so representative of the landscape and the technical and constructive history of the intervention site.
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    Unicidade: uma proposta de edifício corporativo na cidade de Goiânia sob o viés da fenomenologia
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-16) Reis, Nathalia Tiago dos; Fonseca, Thalita Pereira da; Bessa, Suzete Almeida de; Bessa, Suzete Almeida de; Fonseca, Thalita Pereira da; Sant’Anna, Camila Gomes; Arrais, Heitor do Nascimento
    The milestone of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 highlighted the importance of well-designed architectural and urban spaces that take into account safety, well-being, hygiene, connection with the environment, and individual mental health. In the context of the pandemic, psychological conditions such as Burnout, Anxiety, and Depression began to be widely discussed, as well as the remote work model. Today, we are facing a phase of returning to in-person activities, so it is necessary for work environments to be adapted to accommodate their users, considering all the experiences we have lived through. Therefore, to achieve this proposal, phenomenology was used as the theoretical basis, studying these sensations provoked by architecture, which has the ability to elicit sensory experiences through its materiality, form, flows, and others. Additionally, Gestalt theory applied to architecture was also used, studying the relationship between forms and how they impact the human perception of space. This theory, combined with phenomenology, provided the foundation for the development of this humanized corporate building presented in this report.
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    O design biofílico aplicado a uma edificação residencial no município de Itapuranga – GO
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-17) Faria, Débora Cristina de Sousa; Borges, Ariane Magda; Borges, Ariane Magda; Bessa, Suzete Almeida de; Silva, Miss Lene Pereira da
    It is common to see cities and buildings with the least approximation to nature, which in the long term harms the mental and even physical health of the human being. In this way, the present work aims to present the best alternatives to develop a residential architectural project that has in view the biophilic design, a residential environment focused on comfort. That seeks to offer better quality of life to the inhabitants, in terms of comfort, well-being, mental health, economy and also to contribute as a reference to current constructions. For this, sustainability principles were taken into account in order to generate the least environmental, social and economic impact, resulting in a work with relevant and unique aspects. For a good behavior of the building, the ecological brick was determined for the project, for obtaining excellent properties of resistance, good impermeability, durability; excellent thermal and acoustic insulation; low manufacturing cost, low environmental impact and the raw material is in abundance on the planet. It was noticeable during the period of isolation of the pandemic, the search for well being and comfort of residents, for this they sought to tell nature. And in this way, revenue data were found for florists and garden products. Soon after, three architectural works were chosen for analysis and understanding of the aspects that should be taken into the project. The land chosen for the project was located in the city of Itapuranga, in the interior of the state of Goiás, and has 25,768 inhabitants since the last census. A needs program was developed, based on the clients' Briefing, to divide environments; an organizational chart to organize the construction sectors; a flowchart, showing the sector of each environment and the best distribution of flows; and zoning, for the separation of social, service and intimate areas. For the initial proposals, climate and site data, the best ventilation strategies and the desired elements were considered, applied in the case study references, offering potential to the work. In this way, the work aims to encourage normality in biophilic constructions. Stimulating the use of natural materials, greater use of vegetation in homes, and preventing thermal, emotional and environmental discomforts