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    Um modo anacrônico de olhar as imagens das obras de intervenção urbana “Imagens posteriores”, “Giganto” e “Polaroides (in)visíveis”
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2017-12-28) Vidica, Ana Rita
    This communication intends to investigate the works of urban intervention "Imagens Posteriores" (2012-2013) by Patricia Gouvêa, "Giganto" (2009-2013) by Raquel Brust and "Polaroides (in)visíveis" (2005-2011) by Tom Lisbon from the anachronistic proposal of art historian Didi-Huberman, observing the production process of these works, founding on the walk, making the nomenclature "anachronias-process" emerge.
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    A expansão do mercado das agências de comunicação no Brasil
    (2009-06) Oliveira, Tiago Mainieri de
    Presentation of some research results regarding the PR industry in Brazil aiming to depict a PR firms overview. The main results highlight the size, the services, the focus, the scope and the tendencies of this sector.
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    O espelho e os narcisos – a imagem do público entre os jornalistas goianos
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2017-11-30) Umbelino Filho, José Eduardo Mendonça; Freitas, Luiz Antonio Signates
    This research intends to study how Goiânia´s press journalists define, understand and describe their audience. As a primary goal, the researchers seek to ascertain whether there is a shared image of the reader, which would be different from those images provided by the newspaper companies, the common-sense or other instances. Knowing that Media increases vagueness and doubt about to “whom we speak to”, we start from the premise that the journalists need to build up a picture of the audience. How they do it, based upon which cognitive subsidies, impressions or ideologies – that are relevant issues for this research.
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    Reflexões sobre a verdade a partir do prefacio de Origem do drama barrocoaAlemão de Walter Benjamin
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2016-12-31) Silva, Janinne Barcelos de Morais; Gomes, Suely Henrique de Aquino
    This paper discusses the scientific method and its relation with the Truth, based on the "Introductory Questions of Knowledge Criticism", raised on the preface of the book "The Origin of German Tragic Drama" by Walter Benjamin. Thinker of modernity, the German philosopher presents important considerations about the need to rescue the contemplation of ideas, as a legit way to approach man and Essence. Through analysis of its contents, without, however, any claim to completeness, we present the concept of Truth by Benjamin, in contrast with the methodical, measurable and deterministic approach of science, in order to stimulate reflections that illuminates the problems and limitations of the method.
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    Cidadania e mídia na perspectiva de Néstor García Canclini
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2014-07-22) Costa, Ana Manuela Arantes; Tuzzo, Simone Antoniaci
    This study proposes an analysis of the concept of citizenship and the influence of media to construction of this concept, from the review of works of the philosopher Néstor García Canclini. Through bibliographical analysis, were evaluated the conceptions of the author about hybrid cultures in the context of the countries of Latin America. Are also considered the analysis of consumption as a way to rethink the social sense, heterogeneous components of globalized cities and the proposal of revision of policies aimed at the public interest.